1. B

    New employee, a few questions.

    First of all, DEAR GOD I am so glad to be getting a job. It's been rough. I went in for a cashier position and was offered to interview tomorrow for what I think I'm reading here is GSTL. The way the position was described to me would be managing checkouts, self checkout, guest services, etc...
  2. jackandcat

    Does your store still rate cashiers on the G-R system?

    Some time back our new GE (now S&E) ETL said the G-R and speed ratings were no longer enforced as the company wanted better guest service and better presentation of RCs with guests. We haven't received those weekly speed and G-R reviews with our TLs in a long time. The G-R and speed ratings...
  3. jackandcat

    Coming to WA State Targets and other stores: soon, no tax exemption for Oregon, AK etc

    Stores in WA state will soon be required to charge sales tax to all customers. Has Target notified its 37 WA stores yet? WA stores now must charge sales tax to all nonresidents Come July, we may end up with a lot of Pi***d off guests.
  4. L

    Guest Services New Cashier!

    Tips for a new cashier employee?
  5. C

    Security tags

    Hello friends! Im fairly new to target. I am currently a cashier! Although it is my fourth day as a cashier, I have gotten the hang of things. I am blessed to have supportive and helpful team members. I just had one question! Is there anyway someone can give me tips on how to remove the safety...
  6. jackandcat

    Does your store expect cashiers to use their own smartphones when Zebras aren't available?

    Our store is seriously lacking in Zebras. Our leaders are encouraging "guest advocates" (cashiers) to use our own personal smartphones to look up things for guests on and on the Target App much like we would using a store-provided Zebra. Is this now expected? Are some TMs being...
  7. jackandcat

    Age-Restricted ID check - alcohol, cold medicine

    When a guest wants to buy age-restricted items, does your store require that you have the guest's ID in your hand, then either scan or hand-key the birthdate? Does your store require that every age-restricted buying guest provide their ID regardless of how old they appear? My impression is...
  8. S

    First week as a cashier

    So this week was my first working at Target. It was a little rocky to say the least. They knew it was my first job. They had me watch someone the first day of training for about 15 minutes. She was doing a lot really fast. After a little bit of standing there they asked me to take her place and...
  9. F

    Monday Crazyniess

    We’re getting all 19 new registers on Monday gonna be fun anyone working on these new registers got any pointers how to learn them quick?
  10. itsmoo1920

    Some cashiering questions...

    Hey all! So I'm a new Guest Service Team Member (but let's just call it a "cashier" for my own sanity). I had some cashiering questions that I've been wanting to ask... I appreciate the help in advance! 1. Do I need to report to my GSTL when I start my shift? Or can I just jump on any register...
  11. D

    Can an ETL force me to do cashier training?

    Today I was forced to do cashier training.
  12. mrmarket747

    Being Left Off With a Warning

    I almost got term today over an indecent that occurred the week prior. Today I was called in to the LOD’s office with AP there as well. At first I thought I did something like over the top wrong, but that wasn’t the case. Last week; I believe it was Saturday evening I was taking a cashier shift...
  13. LiveatTarget

    Should I report this?

    So I worked an 11 and half cashiering shift today after being asked to do so. During my shift a woman was trying to purchase over a dozen Disney gift cards with her brand new red card (recipe rather). She was asking me if she got the five percent off and when I said I wasn’t sure, she kept...
  14. Pinballmaster

    Customers with hands covered in blood

    Since working at Target I've encountered 3-4 guests with hands covered in blood. A scratch is one thing, but in each of these cases they were dripping blood. The last one commented their dog scratched them..... Anyone else encountered this? I've also encountered 100+ guests with hands coated in...
  15. J

    Cashier question

    Can someone who is applying for a red card actually save the 5% on that purchase right away? Would you have to suspend the purchase when your done scanning everything, apply for red card, finish purchase And scan the temporary slip?
  16. N

    Guest Services Help Identifying Cashier from a Receipt

    Does anyone know if there is a way to find out who the cashier for a transaction was by looking at the information on a guest's receipt? I was trying to figure this out the other day when I was working at the service desk and assisting a guest with an issue that occurred during a transaction...
  17. S

    Chapter 2: They Didn't Keep Me

    I was obsessing over being a seasonal cashier this past Christmas, and they didn't ask me to go permanent. I figured they didn't keep any cashiers. But last night I went to Target as a guest, and there was a girl who said she started the same time as me, and they kept her perm. She said they...
  18. F

    New cashier with back issues. Should I go ahead and resign?

    Ever since I was a little kid I've had back pain when standing in one place. More than 15 minutes and the pain starts and steadily increases. It's nothing I have a diagnoses for so I wouldn't be able to get an accommodation for it (I was diagnosed scoliosis when I was younger, but I was...
  19. K

    Eliminate Paper Reciepts (I'd add paper checks)

    I've actually pondered why this has taken so long to be proposed. The move to eliminate paper register receipts, that is. My focus was really on the dangerous BPAs in register receipts that are continually handled by our TMs of childbearing age (and I, personally, avoid BPAs where possible)...
  20. K

    We should stop accepting personal checks UNLESS to get Target Debit Card

    I covered for a cashier last night and THREE people paid by personal check and ALL sneered at suggestion for Target Debit Card. Apparently none wrote checks at Target before as DL had to be scanned, one was rejected. It slowed the front down significantly as these persons asked for pens...