Archived The best thing I ever have done at Targeti

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Aug 16, 2011
...apply for partial unemployment. On break. On the team lead computer. There's some kind of irony in there somewhere maybe.

Ignore the extra "I".
Oh well look at that. They keep on asking me to come in now. It must be magic...
LOL, nice, well let's see, I could take this time to say "this one time at Target, I helped this guest and........" But no, I will go ahead and give you my real answer. Best thing I ever did at Target........turn in my two weeks notice :excited:
Work my last shift (a closing LOD shift), recovered the building, got the team out, turned in my keys and drove away from the building for the last time on December 30, 2011. Haven't been back since.
Not open for further replies.