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Jun 17, 2011
The trick has been done before. And yes you will be caught.

Surveillance shows Target employee pocketing gift cards
Posted: Jun 04, 2014 6:09 AM EST Updated: Jun 04, 2014 08:09 AM

Eric Wilson, 21, is accused of adding amounts to gift cards without paying at the west Nashville Target store.
A man was arrested in west Nashville on Tuesday for allegedly stealing from his own employer.

Eric Wilson, 21, has been an employee at Target at the Nashville West shopping center on Charlotte Pike since November 2013.

Over a few nights as management counted Wilson’s cash register, suspicions arose when large amounts of funds were not seen.

According to surveillance video, the employee was seen ringing up various store gift cards, tendering them as cash, and pocketing them.

Police say a total of $1,700.49 was taken from the store between May 26 and June 2.

Wilson is being held at the Davidson County jail with a bond of $2,500.
My AP senses are tingling.. Is this a Mug shot? Looks like it was taken in an AP office.. we don't take pics of Tm's....
People think they are smarter than the cameras/corporate (who has seen all of this crap before). Just like the scammers we see everyday...they think that nobody gets what they are doing....but we do.
People think they are smarter than the cameras/corporate (who has seen all of this crap before). Just like the scammers we see everyday...they think that nobody gets what they are doing....but we do.

Oh my credit card didn't run through 3 times? Let me clean off the strip so it swipes easier...Oh tried too many times? Let me go to the atm to get money even thought this is a credit card -_- I hear this at least 5 times a day...
One of the former overnight TLs was arrested for stealing from electronics. Total value of stuff was between 3k and 10k. I found his arrest record XD

An AP tm was fired for having "relations" with a cashier in the AP office.

A former Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy was arrested for return fraud at a store in my district.
Imagine that an overnight team member stealing electronics? That reminds me we have had a few of those arrested as well..

Overnight: one backroom that liked to steal digital cameras and iPods. Another it was an Xbox one and some games.

We also had one arrested for stealing DVD's from the break room. We have a TV and DVD player in the break room and yeah someone was taking the DVD's that either we brought in to share of the store requisitioned.

Then the idiot that thought it would be fine to take a ukulele that another TM would play in the break room(he was not smart to leave it in the break room, but besides the point). Idiot pawned it, and was quickly fired.

And the last one I saw was a cashier who thought it would be cute to skim her cash drawer..
Stealing DVDs from the breakroom? The ones that the HR ETL puts in the DVD player and no one watches? Wow, that is sad. 5 dollar DVDs? Desperate. If you're going to steal some, rob a bank or jewelry store, or museum. If you're gonna steal something, at least steal something with a decent payday.
We had a TL get fired for always requisitioning food for himself & other TMs.
A TM got fired for drinking on the job to the point that he was wasted & he tried to hit our TPS. Cops were called.
Not sure what happened the other day, but apparently one of the cart attendants got taken away by the police.
If only they arrested people for time theft.. I think I could make a case with security footage of some team members and leaders I've seen over the years "STEALING 18,000/year"
We had a cashier last year that we had thought was a RedCard getting machine. Turns out she was an identity stealing machine because she was somehow collecting guest information and then just discounting the sale. I believe that's federal, right?
We had an ETL get fired for stealing equipment a few years ago. A couple TMs got fired for making drastic price changes when ringing each other out. Other than them, no one else from my store is really worthy of the TBR Wall of Shame.
I had a team member who:
1) During his CA shifts, would take Starbuck drinks and Pepsi out of the cooler, consume them, then pay for them at the end of his shift. When I caught him doing it, he denied he was doing anything wrong because our TPS 'saw' him do it and never said anything to him. When I reminded him that it is still considered 'stealing' under policy and that if we had a visit from our floating APS and they saw him take a beverage, drink it, and not pay for it they would fire him. He didn't get it. When I brought the problem to my ETL-HR, she thought there was nothing wrong with it and just 'coach' him for it.

2) When asked to cover FA breaks/lunches, he would make up his own food and use the FA's speed ID to ring up the item. Again, I caught him doing it and took it to my ETL-HR... Again, she thought it just deserved a coaching.

3) Once he was trained on service desk, he was caught using the GSA's speed ID to ring up his own items and would discount him under "price match" override codes.... He was going to be put on CA for that stunt... but...

4) While cashiering during a rush, he had a guest purchase a large order with several gift cards. One of the gift cards had a remaining balance of $73. He gave the guest one of the empty ones and threw the one with the balance in the trash. Later, he went back to the lane and dug the GC out of the trash. He clocked out for lunch and took the GC back to electronics and put the money towards a new XBox One.

Couple hours later, the same guest went to another Target to pick up something we didn't have. When she went to buy the item, and discovered the card was empty, the gift card hotline was called... And eventually AP... And before he left our investigator came in and FINALLY termed him.

After he was termed, it was discovered that he was fired from Big Lots for a similar situation....
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