Things to know to be a TL?

For months the etls and my TL have been talking about my development to become a TL but during these months none of them have made a development path for me to take. I am getting tired of waiting for them to get around to it so I am just going to start learning how to do this on my own.

My question is what are the duties/skills of a TL and what areas should I focus on learning? So far I know the following,

How to look up sales, surveys, attach rate, call box trends etc etc
Setting planograms using TWT and online planogram
Ad setup, take down and auditing
Looking up information using the message boards, search and using mysupport
Creating and pulling batches, backstocking, research, scan back and PTM
All the basic TMs know ie. cashiering, zoning, creating labels/signs etc
Team trainer, electronics champion training captain and electronics communications captain

These are the things I do not know,

Making a schedule
business walks

I am sure there is a lot more I need to know so this is why I am asking you guys for help. Whatever you think I need to know will go onto my list.

Focus on sales, great gs,seek opps, being proactive & asking questions. Workbench has the numbers for you. Let your etl or tl give you those numbers after you ask them. Your main concern should be learning something new by asking for it. Like how to do a salesplanner? How to do an exf, because of no product on the floor.
Start working on being the go to me guy. Get it fix or done fast, your mgt will notice you even more. Also, keep reading here too.
Good luck!
Business walks are pretty easy to do; just search Workbench for "business walk form [insert department] team lead". I've never done one before, so I printed off both the blank form and the example form they have. I'm not a TL, but I'll probably do my business walk Monday, after DTK updates.

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I would keep being open to learning all those things on your list... but you don't need to make it your biggest focus! Trust me, a ton of TLs don't know that stuff even after years of being a leader... its all stuff you will just learn on the go really!!

If you want to be a leader try to focus on the LEADERSHIP part...not so much the task part! Ask yourself what you can bring to your store culture and morale, what influence you can have on your peers as a TL, and what partnerships you can build starting now and while you are a TL! Ask yourself about being able to have tough conversations, when you received tough feedback etc...

After that, take a look at the leadership expectations sent out by corporate! They are the dimensions that your STL will be looking for in a TL (only a few of which focus on results and task)...

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Look for ways to drive positive change in some aspect of your store. Is there a process that's not on Best Practice? Ask to take the reins and steer the execution of that process back to the way it should be (What's right for our guests, not what's right for us as Team Members). Challenge your peers and *respectfully* challenge upward as well.


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Going through and reading the Best Practices can be very eye opening.
You would be surprised how much of what is being done 'wrong' in the store.
It's always a good idea to sit down and figure out why before you comment though, there are often very big splits between 'practice' and reality but it's good to know what spot thinks is best.


Hey guys! real quick, does anyone have the "set in stone" qualifications for being a TL now? I know there's been quite a few rumors happening at Spot this year. Does the degree go into effect now? or is it still anyone's ball game?
On degree thing, there is alot of tl who have assocs. degree or no degree, that are very concern on job security. Review core roles for tl & be proactive are important for gs & sales. Know the new mission statement.


On degree thing, there is alot of tl who have assocs. degree or no degree, that are very concern on job security. Review core roles for tl & be proactive are important for gs & sales. Know the new mission statement.
Thank you so much for clearing it up! I'm kinda at the typical crossroads; do I want to shoot higher at Spot or look for a new field? Decisions!