Archived This place is an awesome asset, finally saying "Hi & thanks for the great info!"

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Aug 7, 2012
Ive been 4am logistics for a few weeks now and this place has really helped out with great resources and info!
I feel so blessed to have a job after months of looking for one...also blessed to say that my Target has such an awesome team. I've worked retail a long time and I've seen it all. I'm not Roseyglassed about the fact that issues can and will arise that happen in all retail settings. But coming in to this team has been a HUGE surprise, everyone from all over the store has been so nice, helpful, and supportive. My TL and ETL are great, they push our team and make it pretty motivating to deliver what they ask of us. I'd been pretty reserved but so far they've exceeded my expectations.
Oh and I could be partial to the fact that regular paychecks ROCK! ;)
But anyway thanks so much for all the info on every aspect of working at Target, you're "spot on" and it's given me an edge in understanding the various tasks I'm asked to do in and outside of flow.
Not open for further replies.