Time to regularly check our card readers.

Dec 11, 2011
Ive seen many smaller readers have new facias put on them to skim cards but I thought the bulkyness of our reader and its keypad would make it harder. Saw this in a coub video today (it is totaly not a normal video for the site, too. Mostly music video comps) and was like "That's the reader we use!".

Feb 22, 2021
upgrade the card readers because Target is cheap
wym upgrade the readers? All stores have the same ones. honestly they're fine lol.
Laughs in NFC payments. Swipe and chip should be banned immediately.
I'm a slut for NFC. But people need swipe for things like visa gift cards, SNAP, unemployment cards (at least in my state), and WIC. Wish everything was chipped but that's very difficult and v expensive.

Target is actually a huge reason all the US banks swapped over to chip readers. to cut it short, after the huge target data breach the US gov basically said " Swiping gives too much info, if money is stolen on a card from swiping, we will not give you (the bank) insurance money for it because you can fix alot of this issue. " thats why ALL the major banks swapped over very quickly.