TL base pay change and pay increases

Reshop Ninja

Softlines Dps
Sep 23, 2014
You mean the experienced TLs in role for years with good reviews that were making less than new external hires, or even new internal promotes?

At least from what I’ve observed, this was the bigger gripe, and something this aimed to resolve. 2% increase for 2+ years is a little weak though, how about a 5% increase for 5+ years too?

When I was a TL, I would have been pleased with this; a decent bump from where I was at above base pay then a bit of a bump, so I’m not making less than new and failing TLs? More pay and a step in the right direction towards some fairness? I know we aren’t used to Target treating us so… slightly-less-shitty 😂 but let’s call this a win
I agree, 2% is an absolute joke. That's the raise you would get for a really shitty review and it's a slap in the face to those who work hard to get good reviews each year.