1. Kostin

    Daily pay

    So usually I get my paycheck two days early and it posts every Tuesday at 9:30 PM. Signed up for daily pay and borrowed $50 just looked at my paystub because my paycheck hasn’t hit my bank account yet and my entire check went to daily pay.... so do these guys pay me now? Will my check hit...
  2. The Death King

    Workday Direct Deposit Changes

    I just changed my payment election to deposit into another account today the Monday before payday. This is a first so I'm wondering did anyone have luck with the deposit going through smoothly for the same pay period or should I expect a paper check?
  3. F

    Vacation Time

    My boyfriend who still works for target wants to quit but can't get a straight answer to his question. If you quit to they pay out your vacation time? or should he use it before?
  4. S

    Is there a pay difference for Closing TL?

    Just curious if the Closing TL (and other TLs who are key holders) get paid differently because of the added responsibility? I may be moving to this position from another TL position and need to know if I should be asking for a pay change. Thanks!
  5. V

    Payroll tax deferral

    Has anyone seen how Target will handle this? From what I understand beginning Sept 1 taxes won't be taken from our paycheck for the remainder of the year. The IRS says that we will have to repay the taxes anway next year. This is when hours are reduced. With the overtime we will be able to...
  6. R

    Payroll Allocation

    A few questions here. 1) If a TM gets called in and their primary workcenter is Style, but GM calls them in and the LOD manually approves their punch on timeclock, where do the hours get charged to? 2) How much have Style hours been cut back in your store compared to years prior? I assume it...
  7. P

    New Team Lead Pay

    Hey all, I recently accepted a TL position for style and I wondering when the pay kicks in? Our HR ETL has been out so it's kinda funky my whole promotion process but the pay was supposed to be back-dated 4 weeks ago when I accepted but my latest pay-stub for this week still shows me at 15. Does...
  8. J

    Payroll change

    Hi, Question so if I currently have a pay card but want to change to direct deposit could I do that over workday or would I have to tell someone like HR? Next, would the change delay my paycheck because I’ll be changing it Wednesday & payday is Thursday...
  9. R

    Payroll Tax Deferment

    Is this anything that the employees need to worry about? Is it an opt-in type of situation? I honestly am very confused about it and have read that employees in general (not Target specific) will need to pay back these taxes. Is Target even taking part in this? Is this something that just falls...
  10. J

    My first pay check?

    So I was wondering when I’d get paid My orientation was on a Monday I worked the rest of that week and Yesterday It’s was Saturday and I finished my second week , I know we get paid Bi-weekly but I was deposited anything, I have a pay card.
  11. S

    Benefits What is the pay in NYC?

    Just asking because I just applied for a job (Not in NYC). I know that Target recently set a minimum wage of $15/hour (don't know if that's temporary), and that the minimum wage of NYC is $15/hour too. I'm interested in maybe moving to NYC because I have family kind of nearby and I just like the...
  12. S

    PML pay

    Now that TLs are at $19/hr minimum, what Is the PML minimum pay? Was the minimum the same/more/less as TLs before July 4, 2020? How does it compare to TL now? I might be offered a PML position as in internal hire and am trying to determine how much to ask for. I was DEO on my last review in a...
  13. M

    Team lead starting pay

    So I have been with target for four years now I have worked in every area of the store except front end. I am going to be promoted to fulfillment operations team lead. How much should I expect the pay to be is it the 19 minimum or do my four years count towards putting me above that. I didn't...
  14. P

    Answered Does anyone know if the VM’s are getting the two dollar bump

    Does anyone know if the VM’s are getting the two dollar bump in pay
  15. S

    $200 bonus

    When will we be receiving the $200 bonus?
  16. Asuras

    $200 Bonus

    Just got the email via Workday:
  17. Duval904Man

    Great news!

    Last week I had my 3 month review by one of the Service and Engagement TL’s and out of all grades for my job description, I had 15 A’s, 2 B’s, 2 C’s and 1 F. I get to stay for sure I believe but he did say something about end of September being a final decision which I was confused cus I thought...
  18. S


    Where do I go to not have taxes deducted from next paycheck by this Friday? Our team members were advised to do this for next paycheck only to receive the full $200 bonus without it being taxed.
  19. B


    hey i need a letter for my landlord stating hrs i work pay rate etc, does anyone know how do i get one? HR told me i needed to call a number or visit a site but didnt tell me nothing else lol thanks in advance
  20. P

    Answered Net pay higher than gross pay?

    Somehow my net pay is higher than my gross pay. Pre tax deductions were taken out but under post tax deductions the medical plan and eyewear plan both show amounts in (***.**) Does that mean it's a credit and if not what could be going on?