1. J

    Raised minimum wage & broken system

    1) is your target raising the minimum wage this year? Right now my stores minimum is 12 and it’s supposed to be 13 this summer. I guess it will be raised again in 2020 to reach their goal of 15$. 2) recently I’ve been noticing some problems with the pos system when I’m cashiering. When there’s...
  2. N

    Hours and Payroll

    Are other retailers as tight w payroll as Target is or is this just a Spot exclusive? We spent until 830 this morning pushing pp2 a room the day before. At 10, before the truck is done, our 4 hours is up and we get sent home. Dayside GM I guess is going to finish it during the day today. No one...
  3. H

    Specialty Transfering from TX to CA!!!

    Hey so I'm transfering in Aug. And I was just wondering, I currently make 5.25 above my states minimum wage, will I get paid with the same ratio when I move or will I take a pay cut and be bumped down to the new stores minimum?
  4. busyzoningtoys

    Pay grade base adjustments

    Can the base for a pay grade be adjusted downwards? I know they won’t reduce someone’s pay but can they reduce the starting pay for a given paygrade? For example, minimum TM pay was $x, PG45 pay was x+7.50 wondering if that would have gone down with the last base bump, or if it would have stayed...
  5. N

    Pay Before Interview?

    Every job I've had I've either never applied for or cared what they would be be paying an hour. It's gotten to the point now where I'm looking for either a part time job to supplement Target or leave Target entirely and find a full time job elsewhere. Either way I'll be interviewing for another...
  6. H

    Annual Wage Survey

    Any of you guys get your raise info yet? We haven't heard anything. No DMAs in months, no ATMs. Nothing. I'm of the mind that if we aren't getting one just tell us now. Though I don't see how we wouldn't considering we apparently had the best quarter in fall season since 2004.
  7. S

    Are all TLs moving up to PG45?

    Will all TLs move up to PG45? What will be the minimum pay for TLs once TMs are at 15?
  8. busyzoningtoys

    Payroll question for probably ETLs and up or HR

    When looking at payroll, specifically at ‘unique hours’ added (the ones for things like stores with odd shaped or dual checklanes, dual sco, multiple floors, offsite, mall stores, etc), is ‘shopped hard’ still a category? I see it mentioned on workbench when looking at documentation about...
  9. GSTL2019


    Does anyone know the pay for Electronics TM plus Mobile?
  10. TTGOz

    I make $1600 a month... how do I live?

    I've been doing a lot of budgeting lately, putting all of my small business goals into a spreadsheet and putting all of my savings, investments, and bank account info(just dollar amounts) into a separate spread sheet. What does your guy's budgeting and monthly finances look like? I make...
  11. L

    Specialty Paycheck question

    So I’ve been with target for about two years with logistics. I quit about 2 months ago now mainly to look for a job with better hours, I wasn’t able to live off of 25hr work weeks... the company as a whole seems to be cutting down on logistics so it was time to go. Only thing is I still...
  12. B

    ETL pay?

    Hey guys I know ETLs make 50k starting out, but how often are raises? How much are they? How long would it take to get to 60-65k? Assuming you have good performance and all
  13. Humble TL

    TL->SrTL pay bump?

    How much (approximately) should be the pay bump when going from TL to SrTL?
  14. M

    Team Leader Pay

    With the team leaders getting paid $15/hr in the near future, what will happen with the team leader pay? My store is saying that the team leaders are to step it up and be doing the work of an ETL, and if that’s the case, I’m not doing 3x the work of say...a cart attendant...and making about a...
  15. lacimaci1455

    How much do you get paid an hour at target?

    Just a fun curious question. I get paid $15 an hour and I am a regular hardlines TM. How about everyone else ? :)
  16. L

    How much do Beauty TLs make?

    To all of the Beauty TLs out there: How much do you make and how long have been in that role? Do you know what the cap is for your position? I have friend still at Target that's considering taking a position but I'm trying to convince her to ask for more money. The store's in a unique situation...
  17. T

    $15 timetable

    Currently, the minimum wage is $12 and it will be $15 in 2020. Does anyone know what the timetable is for the increase to $15? Will they go to $13 or $13.50 in the fall before $15 in 2020?
  18. D

    Hourly pay related post.

    I have been working for Target since since August 30, 2017 – September 13, 2017 during Hurricane Irma hit South Florida. I started as seasonal, at $11.50 an hour as FLOW. Since then I have only received 1 raise of 9 cents!!! I'm making $11.59 currently in 2019. I have commented on this to the...
  19. Humble TL


    Will having leverage help me get a raise. For example if I tell my store I have a job offer somewhere else, will they match the offer ? I do have a job offer elsewhere, the pay is $3 more than spot. However, I want to stay with Target.
  20. RedGiraffe

    Is hourly wage for TL position negotiable?

    There's a high possibility that I'll be transferring locations and I'll be promoted to TL. I know people that get salary (aka ETL,STL's) can negotiate their pay but is it possible for TL's who get paid hourly to do that as well?