1. X

    Guaranteed flex hours

    Does anyone know when flex hours lock in when you've exceeded your sales forecast? Is it different for 4 week months vs 5 week months?
  2. He77CAT

    I just can't find where I need to go......

    Hopefully someone here can direct me to where in Workday I need to go....... I'm trying to stop a chosen election of extra holdings that I have taken out of my checks. I initiated it, but it looks like everything in workday has been updated and I'm not finding the area I need to go to...
  3. M

    OT Peak?

    Is overtime a for sure thing during peak? Do you think there will be a peak season because of the "supply" shortage? I love my fat weekly checks with OT!
  4. balthrop


    So according to other sites some stores are receiving raises. Is this a thing or just someone having the craic on us? and yes I know I’m not using the word right 🤪
  5. F

    April bonuses for people who've been with target for over 3 years.

    We were told starting in April every April those of us working at a DC would be getting an $1100 bonus if we've been with Target for 3 years. What have you guys heard?
  6. I

    Will I keep pay

    Hello, I’ve recently started at a dc and was wondering once I hit my 6 months if I could transfer to a store and keep my pay (or at least a percentage) I live an hour away from the dc but like 15 from the store and will be going to college soon as well.
  7. A

    Inflation pay raise

    Inflation pay raise. Do you think we will ever see it? The cost of living has risen since Covid drastically.
  8. busyzoningtoys

    TL base pay change and pay increases

    Anyone else hear about an upcoming adjustment in TL pay? Increasing base pay to offset gaps between external hires and people who are already in role/promoted internally, and then a subsequent increase based on time in role as a leader?
  9. I

    first paycheck & TM discount?

    Does the first paycheck get mailed? I signed up for dorect deposit asap but it didnt go through to my bank. How do activate TM discount at registers?
  10. I

    First Paycheck and TM discount Card

    Does the first paycheck get mailed? I signed up for dorect deposit asap but it didnt go through to my bank. How do activate TM discount at registers?
  11. S

    Do ETLs get the same pay raises as Team Leaders?

    Like is it up to 6%? And is it only annually?
  12. jackandcat

    Anyone here successfully ask for a pay raise?

    Target's official party line is "competitive pay" and "merit based" at a once-per-year performance review. But given the tightening labor market, and the terrifying loss of buying power due to inflation (including goods at Target), has anyone here succeeded in asking for an actual pay raise in...
  13. A

    How to access my list paychecks

    Alright so this one is quite a bit lol. I quit target in April but I walked out. So I don’t want to show my face and embarrass myself. Recently when I try to sign into workday to see my checks it does not let me sign in ir change my password. Is there a corporate email I can email because I’m...
  14. TheClopen

    Opening vs Closing Pay?

    We're at an early AM inbound process store and I was curious if that opening leader that's running the truck & first opens the store gets the same 15 mins added before clocking in similar to how the closing LOD gets the extra 15 mins added after clocking out. I could totally ask HR this but I...
  15. T


    Rumor going around my DC that a 2$ raise is coming in June.... any other DC'S hearing this... or is it just another episode of As the Target turns.....
  16. G

    What is the team member pay cap?

    I've tried searching - all the Google results are just about the starting pay raise they announced, and I found a few articles here and on reddit, but they were all older posts and didn't give an actual number cap, just that getting high review scores would still allow for raises. Thanks
  17. chinkr54

    Raise coming

    Should of had a review couple months ago.. they must be planning a bigger raise ??
  18. F

    On demand bonus?

    I saw an email from Target saying ODTMs could be getting a small raise — presumably since we’re excluded from the regular TM performance reviews. It’s a small raise — about 30 cents for those making $15 now, I believe, but it makes sense since regular TMs would get some type of bump, anyway...
  19. openmarket


    Anyone know when evaluations/raises are coming? Also anyone have any idea of the percentage this year?
  20. 6

    "I deserve more money because/than/for...."

    This is going to be an unpopular take - but I see this posted like 30 times a week so if this post helps even one person, I'll consider it a success. Being older does not automatically make you better at a job. Doing a job for longer does not automatically make you better at a job. Your opinion...