1. B

    New pay for team lead in 2020?

    If the team members are going up to $14 an hour and then 15 by the end of 2020 then what is the pay raise for team leaders, if any?
  2. Targetedbullseye

    Please do not give me any more raises target, i can't afford it !

    Lol just checked the social security web-site and was not surprised to see that I made more income at target in 2014 than I did last year. But of course hours maintained at the usual rate....Right! I would like to see the corporate guru's take pay cuts like this and redistribute it to workers...
  3. S


  4. A

    Christmas Holiday Pay

    How does holiday pay work for Christmas if we are closed?
  5. M

    TL pay raise

    Is it true that when the minimum pay goes to 15 an hour the team leads will be making at least 4.00 more than that at 19.00 an hour?
  6. S


    I started at Target on November 24th would my first check b e the 6th or the 13th?
  7. P

    last paycheck

    I unexpectedly had to quit due to family issues, will my last check be ready on the 6th like it was due anyways or will it be ready earlier??
  8. P

    Extra work

    So today my tea leader offered my a few extra hours that went planned on my shift and so I took them. Will I be getting payed time and a half? Or will it just be normal pay?
  9. S

    Thanksgiving Pay?

    I am new and I am working in Fulfillment as a seasonal worker. I work 6:00 AM to 4:30 PM on Thanksgiving and I was wondering if I will get an holiday pay?
  10. S

    Holiday pay

    Does anyone know if we receive holiday pay if we work overnight wed into thursday...also what about black friday I've read stuff where you get an additional dollar and some I read where you get standard holiday pay.
  11. B

    Different starting rate in the same city

    So there are 3 Targets in my city and my store recently went up to $14.50 and another one is at $14 and the other one is at $15. Is that normal? I’m assuming the one already at $15 is having difficulties getting people and that’s why they went to $15.
  12. allnew2

    250 hours

    I have to spend 250 hours by Saturday and no MF wants it besides inbound . How can I bribe the tm? P.S OT approved too
  13. R

    State tax deduction in payslip

    I recently came back to Target after few months. Today I saw my new payslip has both federal and state tax deductions . Last time when I worked at Target, only federal withholding was getting deducted not state. Is there something that I have to do about this? thanks
  14. T

    Pay date?

    I start orientation on 11/13. I was wondering what are the pay dates, when does the pay period start/end?
  15. C

    Split paycheck?

    Hi, I just joined TBD today. Does anyone have their paychecks split into multiple accounts? I want to manage my finances better in future. I want a account for rent and auto-pays only, and one for everything else. Anyone have feedback? Pros and cons or tips?
  16. blueboo

    Pay Period

    Is pay period corporate-wide or determined by store? Or some other, like district or region? I have orientation this week but I'm trying to set up an estimated budget and predict when I might get paid.
  17. MarketMayhem


    With all the new changes happening, and so many new faces in my store as far as ETLS, TLs, And HR, that come from different stores to fill our positions that we've had to fill, you'd think SOMEONE would have been trained how to set up the new focus pay card that just rolled out. I asked my gm...
  18. V

    $14 an hour very soon?

    Saw a printed brochure for hiring seasonal workers, which said "pay starting at $14 an hour", not $13. Wonder what date that will be happening? I know that's earlier than planned, but this is a legit hiring brochure by Target, at one of the registers. Tried to Google, results I get are...
  19. Michy

    Pay Transparency Policy

    Does anyone know the exact policy that states we aren't allowed to discuss salaries?
  20. P

    the rise of minimum wage = more tasks for us?

    I remember when we let operators answer all the calls. As someone who handles the pfresh and dry market alone during midday, my daily heavy routines consists of: breaking down pallets, check expired food, stock, backstock, guest help, bail boxes, qmos, go backs (and the struggle to do all of...