1. M

    Paycheck problem

    my first pay period just passed and I did not receive my pay. I don’t have auto pay set up and did not get a check. The app says I had a gross of $280 and that employer withheld $280 and my net pay is $0. What happened? What do I do?
  2. J

    Merit TM

    I was wondering if anybody had any form of documentation stating that merit team members ARE NOT to be doing production functions?
  3. qmosqueen

    $1.00 extra from 10/22/2023 to 01/06/2024

    This was posted on our front door near the now hiring $15/hr sign.
  4. P

    Holiday Pay vs Premium Pay

    Do we get both if we work the holiday? 😂 Or just the premium pay…
  5. Dream Baby

    TL Bonus

    Does a TL receive a bonus at the end of the fiscal year? What metrics do they base this on?
  6. M

    Not receiving last paycheck

    Silly question, or not even that silly to be honest. ETL here worked for Target for 15 years. Am I shocked this happened, not really. I just received my last paycheck, zero dollars. What confuses me is pay period is 7/30 - 8/12. I worked 7/30, Sunday. I had vacation lined up before I put in...
  7. T


    When do they give out the TM performance bonus? I know they sent names to Headquarters already. Anyone know? Should be soon.
  8. Yaz Pistasio


    Woo Hoo… 50 cent raise per hour! Who else got one?
  9. busyzoningtoys

    Any ideas on what the PG45 to ETL pay increase is looking like these days?

    Any idea what the offers are looking like for a PG45 promoting to ETL? Current pay is about $6/hr over TL base which I don’t remember, I think is $22 or $22.50/hr, multiple TL roles over the past 5 years, has the support of SDs, DSD, and some BPs. Moderately high volume store and district, and...
  10. L


    If you got chime hook up for direct deposit what day you get paid?
  11. S

    MyTime Does this count as overtime?

    My store is very strict with overtime. I requested 1 day (Friday) for 8 hours of paid time off. Prior to that day, I was at 32.75 hours. Now MyTime shows me as 40.75 hours for the week (what I worked + the day off). Will I get in trouble for overtime? Or does paid time off not count towards the...
  12. TheLycan

    Question on dependant on payroll?

    I am asked by a coworker that doesn't speak English that needs helping removing dependants due to them growing up. I'm assuming it's on their tax or payroll they were talking about under their target employment. It has nothing to do with insurance. I tried going on alight but no sign of what I'm...
  13. Yaz Pistasio

    merit folks

    Do people on merit( icqa, capacity) have to wait 6 months before switching job roles?
  14. starmaster1000

    Merit Raises & Reviews: 2023 Edition

    Searched the forums and found nothing. My store started the conversations this week and I'm already hearing $0.04, $0.09, and other miserable bumps. If you feel comfortable sharing, feel free.
  15. Planosss

    PG45 Bonus 2023

    Having done an informal survey in our district, looks like everyone is getting shafted (gigity) this year. What amount did you receive?
  16. F

    Is Pacesetter pay really nonexistent?

    I'm in fulfillment, smaller but very busy store, and I'm training to be a pacesetter. I assumed it came with a smidgen of a pay increase and now I'm hearing that's not true.... is it ever true? Is it worth asking for more money? How are people showing up and taking on leadership roles with no...
  17. P

    Pay on New Year's Day

    Currently having confusion about pay on New Year's Day at my store. I know it's not overtime. It's time and a half because it's a holiday. The issue is hours worked on that day. Can I work more than 8 and it still NOT BE overtime or not. Our etl hr, hr expert, and new SD don't know. Any hr...
  18. gracefulfillment

    What’s “Bonus GU” on paycheck

    A friend who works in a different district said she saw it on her check. It was only around $70. Any ideas what this would be?
  19. C

    Why Target refusing to raise a single cent above $15/hr ?

    I was wondering why Target refusing to raise a single cent above $15/hr ? The minimum wage of the state I live at is $14.25/hr effective as of December 31, 2022, and the ETL and hiring manager tell us they are still not going to raise a single amount in 2023 if my state raise wages to $15/hr...
  20. T


    Weird I’ve always gotten paid on thrusdays ( Wednesday @ midnight)… today already been paid…. Has target changed there payroll days…. N no I do not go thru a credit union…