1. S

    How will i get paid?

    Hey all, i was hired about 4 days ago and I was told i would be asked to come to the office to fill in some info one of my training days (the past 3 days). i was never asked to come in and i'm off until after i'm supposed to get paid. will i be asked to come in on one of my off days to set up my...
  2. C


    Anyone else supposed to get paid this week and their pay slip is showing 0 or had this happen before? I don't even want to go to work today. I don't volunteer! I work to get paid! Sorry for the double post I don't know how to delete the other one
  3. StargazerOmega


    Since Christmas Eve is technically not a holiday, will we still get paid on Friday or on the 23rd?
  4. R

    Pay after covid leave

    So I’ve just come off of a paid 7 day covid leave from target DC (distribution center) and my pay period has already come and gone but no direct deposit and my pay day is Wednesday weekly
  5. I

    Update direct deposit

    Has anyone updated direct deposit info just after a pay day? I know they process the payroll for the next check that Monday before the checks go out.....I did an update on the 6th (we got paid the 3rd) and next payday is the 17th......the system says effective immediately but I was wondering if...
  6. U

    SD Compensation Info

    Hi everyone. Is anyone familiar with the salary ranges for store directors as they relate to store classification and volume? This is probably a long shot since a lot of this information is kept fairly quiet, even at the ETL level, but I'm genuinely curious. From what I understand, most start...
  7. versiondefect

    MyTime ThanksGiving pay?

    HR at my store was telling us how some of us will be getting paid for Thanks Giving. Is there a way to definitively know if you get it
  8. M

    No pay for training?

    Hiya. First time here. I have a question I hope someone can help me with. I trained at Target for 3 days only then quit. Many many reasons why..... no notice given. But ..even tho they had my bank info, no direct deposit. No paper check. I DID get a separation notice saying that I voluntarily...
  9. R

    Tenure pay

    Read something on reddit about employees that have been with target 4+ years get tenure pay but there wasnt much info on it on that site. Anyone hear of this and have any info about it?
  10. Clumsatron

    New Offer Letters $16/ hour

    I was told by my ETL-HR that she needed to have a meeting with me on Monday, about 2 open TSS positions I have at my store, right after that, a guest asked us if we were really hiring, we said yes and she told them to go to the website and see the openings, he then asks “do you know what the...
  11. jackandcat

    Locality-specific pay increases

    Our suburban Target near Seattle just bumped the minimum pay to $17.50 hourly. Our store faces enormous difficulty recruiting currently particularly as many stores are hiring, and Amazon in particular is scooping up new hires. What are others seeing in their stores?
  12. lokinix

    Merit Compensation Plan???

    I was looking around in workday and when I looked at compensation and there is a listing under plan assignments that tags on Store Hourly 35 Merit Plan for the compensation plan for one of the entries. Any ideas on what it means for merit plan?
  13. D

    Merit vs Progression payscales

    Is there any incentive to accepting a merit position other than the physical work is way easier? Ive noticed over this past year, Target has been investing so much more $$ on the progression payscales, while merits seem to remain at the same wage. At least in our building, we’ve seen at least...
  14. M

    Starting pay

    Why is the Target 20mins from my home advertising the new starting wage at $17.50 whereas the one I work at 6mins away is $16.50?!
  15. O

    Time off on paystubs

    On my pay stub, what's the difference between "Personal Holiday" and "Vacation"? Also, what's the cut off for vacation accumulation, if any?
  16. K

    $17 Only For Christmas!!??

    At our store I heard that we're only getting $17 per hour on the weekends and holidays. This will only be active through Black Friday-Christmas, has anyone else heard anything about this?
  17. qmosqueen

    Target will pay employees an extra $2 an hour for peak days of holiday season

    Wow Target said it will pay an extra $2 an hour to store and service center employees who work peak days during the holiday season, such as on Saturdays and Sundays in the final weeks before Christmas. The extra pay will go to store...
  18. L

    New $2/hr pay bonus?

    Just wondering if this is my building or across the network. We are getting another $2/hr temporary pay increase for the busy season. Which is to say for the next two weeks.
  19. S

    Mileage Reimbursement Payout

    Is this typically included with a regular paycheck or paid out separately?
  20. L

    $1.50 raise out of nowhere?

    There was a big huddle last Friday, and it was about all the Targets in Chicago getting a boost in the starting wage of $1.50, which puts most of us at $16.50. Anyone at $16.50 or higher will not get an increase. Overnight workers got a $2.50 raise on top of the extra $1 they already get, so...