1. F

    Is Pacesetter pay really nonexistent?

    I'm in fulfillment, smaller but very busy store, and I'm training to be a pacesetter. I assumed it came with a smidgen of a pay increase and now I'm hearing that's not true.... is it ever true? Is it worth asking for more money? How are people showing up and taking on leadership roles with no...
  2. P

    Pay on New Year's Day

    Currently having confusion about pay on New Year's Day at my store. I know it's not overtime. It's time and a half because it's a holiday. The issue is hours worked on that day. Can I work more than 8 and it still NOT BE overtime or not. Our etl hr, hr expert, and new SD don't know. Any hr...
  3. gracefulfillment

    What’s “Bonus GU” on paycheck

    A friend who works in a different district said she saw it on her check. It was only around $70. Any ideas what this would be?
  4. C

    Why Target refusing to raise a single cent above $15/hr ?

    I was wondering why Target refusing to raise a single cent above $15/hr ? The minimum wage of the state I live at is $14.25/hr effective as of December 31, 2022, and the ETL and hiring manager tell us they are still not going to raise a single amount in 2023 if my state raise wages to $15/hr...
  5. T


    Weird I’ve always gotten paid on thrusdays ( Wednesday @ midnight)… today already been paid…. Has target changed there payroll days…. N no I do not go thru a credit union…
  6. E

    Do we get paid more for staying later?

    I know the obvious answer to this question but if the store usually closes at 10pm and now closes at midnight do we make more than $15/hr past 10pm or only $15?
  7. TheLycan

    Is Thanksgiving paid holiday?

    As the title says.. is Thanksgiving paid to us associates? Some people say yes some say no so I'm just confused
  8. aer1386

    Holiday weekend pay?

    Has anyone heard if we’re going to get bonus pay on weekends during the holiday season like last year? I haven’t heard anything yet so I’m assuming no.
  9. Anelmi

    Weekend Differential Pay?

    Hey did anyone hear that Target is doing the Saturday/Sunday differential pay again? It supposedly starts next week. $2 extra/hr. Wondering if it’s just my location or company wide.
  10. NKG

    Asking for more than starting pay?

    I'm thinking of coming back to take advantage of the college benefit. I am obviously over qualified to be a team member but I don't want to be a leader. Has anyone asked for a higher pay and got it? I searched the threads and couldn't find anything. I remember laughing at people that asked for...
  11. E

    Federal withholding on paystub?

    Hello. I was attempting to see how much my tax return would be this year but on I can’t find the “Federal tax withheld” line on my pay stub. Is it worded differently on targets pay stubs? Thanks
  12. F

    First paycheck

    So if i start at distribution center tomorrow then will i get paid for only 4 hours the week after next or will i get paid for working my regular shift to which is sunday monday and saturday? Any info would be appreciated
  13. T

    Disaster pay?

    Hello everyone! So as most of you may know, Hurricane Ian just came through Florida. My store was affected by this and we closed for 2 days..... almost. Our area was taking a direct hit by the eye wall, and we were placed under Hurricane Warning from Tuesday night at 8pm until Thursday night at...
  14. X

    Guaranteed flex hours

    Does anyone know when flex hours lock in when you've exceeded your sales forecast? Is it different for 4 week months vs 5 week months?
  15. He77CAT

    I just can't find where I need to go......

    Hopefully someone here can direct me to where in Workday I need to go....... I'm trying to stop a chosen election of extra holdings that I have taken out of my checks. I initiated it, but it looks like everything in workday has been updated and I'm not finding the area I need to go to...
  16. M

    OT Peak?

    Is overtime a for sure thing during peak? Do you think there will be a peak season because of the "supply" shortage? I love my fat weekly checks with OT!
  17. balthrop


    So according to other sites some stores are receiving raises. Is this a thing or just someone having the craic on us? and yes I know I’m not using the word right 🤪
  18. F

    April bonuses for people who've been with target for over 3 years.

    We were told starting in April every April those of us working at a DC would be getting an $1100 bonus if we've been with Target for 3 years. What have you guys heard?
  19. I

    Will I keep pay

    Hello, I’ve recently started at a dc and was wondering once I hit my 6 months if I could transfer to a store and keep my pay (or at least a percentage) I live an hour away from the dc but like 15 from the store and will be going to college soon as well.
  20. Avocadioo

    Inflation pay raise

    Inflation pay raise. Do you think we will ever see it? The cost of living has risen since Covid drastically.