TL Interviews

May 6, 2020
Are you currently a Target TM looking for promotion?

Some things to remember.

Interviews are two-way so you are interviewing them too.​
Pay and benefits are negotiable​
Get any offer in writing.​

Good luck.


Closing Team Leader
Mar 7, 2019
Are you internal or external? The interview process will look a little different depending on this.. If you are internal, you need to drink the target koolaid and use target verbiage

“Tell me about yourself”

Know your strengths and opportunities (weaknesses).

Familiarize yourself with the SBO format and have at least 5 power stories:

Situation: 1-2 sentences
Behavior: 3-5 sentences
Outcome: 1-2 sentences
—Normally they ask 4 different questions that “relate” to the role you’re interviewing for but generally they are just trying to understand your skills of communication, adaptability, leadership, etc.

—Remember in your power stories, they are about what YOU did, not what anyone else did or what you “would” do in a situation. Think of times you led a team. Practice out loud

Best tip of all: Be yourself! Remember they chose to interview you for a reason so they must’ve been interested one way or another..


Hard lines Wizard
Sep 27, 2014
Every answer you give, tie it back to the guest.

-Was recently in a interview situation myself that I absolutely nailed and I tied everything back to the guest, every situation. DTL ate it up like Pacman.
-When asked about strengths and weaknesses make sure you choose a weakness that isn't going to keep you from succeeding in the role.
*Segway into how you use it to your advantage if possible. Shows adaptability.

I used this as a weakness...

Oftentimes, I can be timid when providing constructive feedback to coworkers or managers, out of fear of hurting someone's feelings. However, in my last role, my peer asked me to edit some of his pieces and provide feedback for areas of improvement. Through my experience with him, I realized feedback can be both helpful and kind when delivered the right way. Since then I've become better at offering feedback, and I've realized that my empathy can be used to my advantage to provide thoughtful, productive feedback.
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