Archived Training during the 2 day ad?

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Nov 10, 2011
I am just wondering if it is typical for new hires to be scheduled for training on the saturday after black friday. I know I am a couple weeks late but wanted to see if it was a common practice or a "looks good on paper" type thing
not good practice, new team members should have completed their training completely before turkey day. How effective can they be? Our plan was to have everyone done with training the week before turkey day.
Last year I trained someone who had cashier orientation on Wed, first cashier shift on Black Friday and then trained with me on SF on Sat and Sun. They were both closing shifts, so we weren't insane busy (just pretty busy) so he helped me flex display trees around as well as push CAFs. Didn't get hired on, because he had little time to make an impression (oh yeah, and he wasn't very good).
I was hired as a seasonal cashier 4 years ago. My orientation was the Saturday after Thanksgiving and trained the following week. It seems to be common at my store, as there is an orientation today for some seasonal tms.
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