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Feb 17, 2012
Not only I few weeks ago was I looking to transfer across town, but now I'm looking to transfer out of state in general. Family would like me back in Long Island by August. How long does a transfer usually take since its practically April? This transfer would be from Las Vegas, NV to Long Island, NY
You need to talk to your hr & Stl, first. Then they will contact the other store. You may not get the same pay or job.
See below. Good luck.
Like Hardlinemaster said, sit down with your ETL-HR and STL. Unfortunately, like HL mentioned you may have to transfer into a position not equal in pay or status. You'll have to pick from open positions at the other stores. Depending on your current position, will be the factor on how easy and the timeline for your transfer. But why would you want to come back to Long Island from Las Vegas. hahahahahaha
haha to finish college and live rent free at that time being. I'm working 2 FT jobs just to afford my place with little or no time to finish school. But I will talk to them Monday! I am currently Flow and help with Plano, but I also know back room, Pfresh, and cashier. not to mention breakout of Stationary & Electronics. And I'm assuming pay will be the same if not more in NY "shrug"
When I did my transfer, it was a pretty easy process. And from April to August, I'd say in theory that is more than enough time as when I moved, there might have been a month warning in advance. Of course at the same time, I was moving to somewhere where they were just opening a new store so that may have had a little something to do with it.
One of my sl guys transferred to a southern state. Pretty easy he partnered up with hr to see which stores had something available. From there picked a position and was ready to go by the day he moved in. Don't recommend moving then going in for a shift though :)
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