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I am in the process of doing so now.

A) Check eHR for openings at other stores
B) Tell your ETL-HR
C) Wait for their HR to call you
It doesn't do any good to tell your HR if there's nowhere elsewhere for you to transfer. Hence,
A) you look first to see what's available (without doing anything online)
B) notify your ETL-HR
C) wait for their ETL-HR's call
D) get your STL's blessing
I would like to a transfer to a target closer to my house to help save money, reduce the ware on my car and get away from certain co workers who always "talk". As of right now, they have two openings, Instocks "days and Weekends" and Backroom day "rotating shifts"?

Now I need 35 hours a week to help my parents will bills and such. I get 35 hours right now in p fresh/backroom p fresh per week.

My questions, of the two positions, which is more likely to recieve more hours? This is a higher volume store than my current store and has an overnight team.
I was instocks for a year. Forty hours always! :yahoo: I worked Sundays with Saturdays always off, I have kids and needed a set schedule for them (& I like time and half on Sundays). The rest of the team worked one weekend on, one weekend off. ONLY ONE WEEK did the TM's with lesser seniority have a cut in hours by about 6 hours.
It used to be real simple. You just had to talk to your HR. They would contact the new store to get info on what they need. Then go from there. Now you may have to check what open positions there are.

I would talk to your HR immediately. Transferring during the Holidays will be harder than any of the year. They will hiring seasonals soon.
The store I would like to transfer to has two positions open that I can do.

My questions are

what is the difference between "days and Weekends" and "rotating shifts"? Which is more likely to give you more hours?
I've transfered twice and both times all I did was tell my hr what store I wanted to go to weather there were openings or not..If your current store thinks enough of you they will pitch you to the new store and they will make room for you
Hopefully other people have had better luck transfering stores that I did. I recently attempted to transfer, got the ok from my ETL and STL, talked it over with my ETL-HR, she e-mailed them, everything seemed to be in order. They told her they'd have hours for me mid-September. First week of the month rolls around, I call up there, no help. Pop in two days later, no help. I must have called 10 times in the past month and HR was always at lunch, on break, gone/out for the day. Last Friday the HR at my old store called to inform me that the new store wouldn't have the hours to take me on. Needless to say I'm making the 45 minute drive back home to work weekends until I find a job up by my school. I'm sure this is only one instance, but make sure you stay on top of it, communication is key!
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