Archived Transferring Target stores? How will my pay carry over?

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Dec 22, 2011
I currently work at a Target in Texas. But I'm moving to Washington and am planning to transfer to the Target down the street from my apartment.
Currently I make $7.50,
Min wage where I live is $7.25, so I make 25 cents more than average.

In Washington, Min wage is about $8.65, so I was wondering if I would make $8.65 once I moved (If not 25 cents more) or if they would continue paying me a meager $7.50 in a city with a higher quota causing me to just barely scrape by...

Anybody have any idea? =]
You'll get a cost of living increase! I moved to a store that payed $3 an hour more than my wage, bumped up, worked there for 6 months, moved back to my original store and kept the increase! Woot!
A lot depends on where you are going,when I transferred I applied to two stores in my new area,when I interviewed at the first they wanted me to take a pay cut,at the second it didnt come up and I transferred with the same pay,it turned out to be a great move.Best to keep an open mind about which store you want to go to,in my case I had a list of four stores within a 10 mile radius and that was a great help.
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