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Jan 30, 2014
First and foremost, I would like to say hello to everyone. I finally decided to register after weeks of stalking this site.
Okay, so here is my dilemma.

A few weeks ago, I applied for a ETL in training position. 3 days later, I was invited for an interview with the HR ETL and we discussed the norm. my background and she asked a few questions. She was impressed with my resume, having prior retail experience as an assistant manager, studying abroad, volunteer work, etc. The following week, I was invited for another interview with STL. That interview went very well and she too acknowledged how well the interview went. She told me they would be calling me soon. It has almost been 3 weeks since then and I have yet to hear anything. However, I checked my application status online, and it still indicates my application is still "under review." Despite the fact that the job post was updated again. Has anyone experienced this before? I am bit weary about the ordeal. Is this typical?

Also, the job post is not listed for a specific city it indicates a region. For example, "south (state)." Does this mean they are planning to hire more than one?

Any input would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance


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Jun 10, 2011
Wish I knew what to tell you.
Things are in a state of flux right now but that shouldn't mean anything on your level.
Good luck and I hope you're one of the good ones.

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