Using Target Circle Savings

May 6, 2020
Yesterday I bought some items at my store.

I had over $20 in Target Circle savings.

However Target only took off part of the total.

I tried this initially using my TM discount and it did the same thing.

Was it because my transaction total was less them my Circle balance?

The FOS TL said it has always done this.


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It looks like for whatever reason the deli meat wasn't eligible for circle savings. I know milk isn't eligible. I haven't read through the disclaimer recently but like many coupons there is a paragraph of all of the ineligible items using circle savings.
Target Circle Earnings rewards cannot be redeemed for the following:

  • adult beverage purchases;
  • dairy product purchases;
  • purchases of prescriptions and over-the-counter items located behind the pharmacy counter;
  • purchases made at some partner businesses, including in-store clinics, Target Optical and Target Plus Partners;
  • Same Day Delivery purchases, purchases made on the Shipt app and tips for shoppers;
  • purchases made from Target through third-party sites such as Google Express;
  • purchases of Target GiftCards;
  • purchases of specialty gift cards; and Visa, American Express and Mastercard gift cards/prepaid cards;
  • purchases fulfilled via email (for example, video game digital downloads and digital specialty gift cards);
  • taxes, bottle deposits, shipping, delivery, handling and all other fees or charges;
  • payment of any RedCard balance, debit card cash withdrawals at checkout and payments for insufficient funds;
  • prior purchases; or
  • where otherwise prohibited by law.

Other restrictions may apply to redeeming Target Circle Earnings rewards.

I wonder if your deli meat was coded as Dairy. I know that when I get those mixed meat, cheese, and nuts snack packs, they are coded to not work with circle.