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target circle

  1. S


    Does the Target "circle money" when used to purchase an item get credited back to the guests circle account when the item is returned?
  2. starmaster1000

    Thanks for the reminder how my discount works??

    Uhm, okay, thanks for the note? I already knew this but okay lol
  3. Calico Tapeworm

    I'm Lost! Target Circle Redeeming 1%

    When a guest wants to redeem their 1% toward a purchase, what is the correct way to ring the order. Will entering the phone number be adequate or do I need to scan the wallet in the app?
  4. jackandcat

    Canadian guests eligible for Target Circle?

    Canadian guests aren't able to download the Target App from iTunes or Google Play (for Canada), but it looks like Canadian phone numbers work for joining Target Circle. Can anyone from a store near Canada clarify whether our hockey-loving guests are able to set up the Circle account on the web...
  5. GSTL2019

    Target Circle

    How is everyone offering Target circle in their locations? My STL is always wanting us to reach 30% daily.
  6. starmaster1000

    Target Circle (formerly Target Red)

    Ahh, "Red," our cashier nightmare that replaced the "push a REDcard on every guest" and turned into confusion by Karens everywhere ("ew no I don't need another credit card!") is finally being rebranded. Program is being expanded after being piloted in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex for the...