How's Your Circle Week Going?

I worked Sunday and our opu forecast was 2350. I left at 230 and we had already completed over 2100 because of people preparing for Hurricane Beryl. SFS forecast was 1000, 2 team leads and myself took care of ship while the rest of the store dealt with opu. They closed the store yesterday and I had to call out today so not sure what the damage currently is.
Busy as hell In consumables. All berries bogo 50% off. And ollipop is bogo 50% off. Keep filling them like crazy.
We must have gotten 50 cases of ollipop and about 100 cases of strawberries.
Can't speak to Fulfillment (seems pretty normal from what TMs I see doing it and what I hear over the walkie), but in-store traffic doesn't seem to be any heavier. That said, I'll be doing a larger-than-usual Target run on my day off to take advantage of Circle deals.