Is there a reason why target circle earnings can’t be redeemed for dairy products?

Oct 22, 2021
Just curious because I often have to say “idk” to guests when they ask why. They don’t really ask when it’s alcohol, I guess that’s more understandable lol
Some states don’t allow dairy products to be sold for below cost, so I’m guessing that’s why Target Circle earnings can’t be used for them, since some states don’t allow the use of dairy coupons, either. There may be Federal regulations that affect that, too.
This is for California but I'm willing to bet it's the same for many other states.

. Why don't stores put milk on sale?
Stores may put milk on sale at any time as long as the retail price of milk does not go below the store's cost to obtain the product. Stores may offer coupons for milk as well, but the same admonition applies - stores are not allowed to sell dairy products for less than the store's cost to obtain the products. Stores may be able to offer milk at prices below their costs if they are doing so to meet a lawful competitive price.
It probably has something to do with some farming regulation
Dairy subsidies.
I remember in the '80s the gov paid the dairy farmers for their excess product & had it made into cheese, butter, etc to be given out to food banks & to senior centers.
My grandma used to divy up the 1 lb blocks of butter & 2 lb blocks of cheese she'd get from the local senior center & send me (a starving singleton) home with some.
Made lots of mac & cheese with that :)
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