"Warehouse leaders"

Dec 1, 2016
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I think a lot of their job will include doing standard work audits, going over gemba, and getting on tm’s about break times/scan gaps.

yuck, doesn't seem worth 2 dollars an hour.

however in my dept i imagine the same people that do nothing will now continue to do nothing as lww, so it shouldn't be too bad for them, they're already used to it.

here they dont want to give the good employees ca anyway since there are so few of them, and a general inability to staff up as high as they'd like anyway. they're not going to run off joe bob who actually runs 120% in CA over going to break 5 mins early, so I imagine it's going to be pretty toothless. alternatively most of the employees are pretty terrible, but they literally cannot fire everybody or even 10% of those who need to be, as we'd be even more understaffed.

Currently basically employees have all the power.