Watching Self Checkout

Feb 10, 2017
I don't work the front end but quick question about SCO. If we go through them and dont use a bag, can we still use the bag coupon even if we didn't bring our own bag? Let's say I'm just buying a Brita water filter or something small like that that doesn't necessarily need a bag. At actual check lanes I've noticed cashiers will add the coupon about 50% of the time. I just dont want to get in trouble for using the coupon when I'm not using a bag at all.
No. 5 cents is a reward for bringing a bag to reuse. No bag, no reward.
In CA, 10 cents is your penalty for killing the planet and needing a bag. OMG so many people will carry their stuff to save a dime. Then they drop it and break it in the parking lot on the way to their car. Penny wise, pound foolish


Oct 1, 2015
My SCO always has a walkie and if possible also a mydevice. If you are helping a guest with an over ride for alcohol or cough meds, it's a great time to talk about the red card. We have on cashier who gets at least one red card per SCO shift.