Archived what is going on in that p-fresh photography?

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Jul 16, 2011
so assuming your stores have it too, what is the deal with that asian father/son combo, who have an egg pinned against their foreheads while they give each other death stares and are giving each other kamikazee screams while they laugh a sick laugh???

Seriously, it looks like they are playing some type of russian roulette! WHO THOUGHT THIS PHOTOGRAPH WAS A GOOD IDEA I WANNA KNOW!!!!
^^^ lol this. But I can still tell the difference between the hallucinations and what's real. I'm sure other people have it at their p-fresh stores too.
I kept asking that when I put it up.
People just shook their heads and then didn't notice it anymore.
I think the idea is to have something as innocuous as possible.
its target. they always have akward backdrops in their stores. From dancing woman throwing make up in the air to kids with pasta its something you just need to get used to......
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