What Qualities Do You Like To See In a SD

I always respected SDs that didn't just sit in their office all day. Helped out around the store. Ran a register. Was realistic when assigning tasks, they knew the business but wanted business done. Took care if their TMs. I had some really great SDs who bent the rules to make things work for the hard working Tms. Wasn't afraid to tell guests to climb a tree and told corporate no when they complained.
In theory this sounds great. In practice, I've always felt that the less I see of upper management, the better.
I know the kool-aid is strong in their presence but I'm asking 1 shift a month for you to help out.
good/gr8 SDs are

- willing to jump in wherever help is needed, for example if picks are behind they jump in to help the fulfillment team rather than bitching them out over the walkie from the office

- humorous and easygoing, as they are compensated more than enough to afford a thick skin

- common sense havers, pragmatic, flexible, not brainless throat goats for corporate

- wont to make it rain with the hours, aren’t afraid to “overspend“ payroll when there’s a whole ass $50,000,000,000 to play with, are even less afraid to approve overtime even in the Q1 doldrums

- aware that successful credit applications are entirely dependent upon the guest’s credit score, which the front end TMs have zero control over and are thus not berated because a guest with a credit score of ~420 and a job that pays tenbux an hour couldn‘t/wouldn’t sign up for 30% compound interest

- absolute madlads/madlasses with the 549 account or whatever they call it these days, never not loading the breakroom tables with donuts, pizza, and subs for their teams who delivered the very green metrics which allow them to continue earning $100,000 a year plus bonuses

- cool enough to keep poasting on TBR for more tips and tricks to keep their store running smoothly no matter how hard corp tries to rough it up
This ^ is everything mine is not. My SD is worthless.
I had 6 SD's in a 7 year period.

Best one I ever had told me "my job is to remove obstacles"🙏
Mine loves to place obstacles. Figuratively and literally. For example, my SD uses the Crown, during truck unload, to shift pallets around on the upper steel. Because "this one should be over there, not over here". Fucking nightmare when it's at work and not holed up in office sucking up to District.
The most important thing is to be seen working , not living in the office. Keeping clear open communication. Being human if something is fucked up its fucked up ( no kool-aid). Oh and never ask anybody to do something you wouldn't or couldn't do your self. All in all be a leader not a boss.
Imo I don't expect the SD to work on the floor that often, but if your tls and etls are needing to work 12-14 hours because it's a mess then I would try to as well. If you do work I would make sure it's something start to finish. Nothing is more annoying then having to finish something for someone because they didn't get to backstock something they were pushing themselves or whatever it may be. Another example for having to work is on your weekends say the fulfillment tl calls out or is closing, my old SD would run fulfillment so I could continue to to run gm and inbound. I was much more inclined to work together and help them out when possible, where my new SDs version of helping is opening the front doors when the store opens so I don't have to walk there from the back.