Archived What Wave Should New Hires Be Places When Starting Flow?

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Feb 17, 2012
So my wave, HBA, recently lost 4 key people. 2 fired, 1 quit, and the other just does Pets by himself before 8am. Anyways all the new hires been working HBA and even though its been close to a month they are god awfully slow. Every other wave is pretty set on their key people, but if HBA isn't done before 8am our wave throws the whole shift off..

I know its a store problem, but really put 4 new hires to start one of the heaviest hit waves? Only Vet members are a friend and myself, and said friend does breakout and cosmetics..If we are far enough ahead I'll help with cosmetics. But I swear I have to babysit these hires..

I suggested to my TL that he place the hires in a new wave to see if thats the issue, which it'll end up being.
It can be very frustrating going from a group that really clicks and has some speed to a relatively brand new crew. Ideally you won't have all of them there at once. Maybe if you talk to your TL and ask if you can have just 1 or 2 of the new hires each day you could get them better trained and hopefully up to speed. If your TL agrees, I would make sure to work in the same aisle with them to "set the pace". Let them know the expectation and how quick you have to be. You have a really good opportunity to really showcase your training talents. The better you can train them the easier you make your job. When they are ready to work an aisle by themselves, give them a goal. For instance let them know that they should be able to take care of this cart in 30 minutes. Check back and see how they are doing. If they were able to clear it out, recognize the effort. If they were not try to figure out why. They may be zoning as they are going, trying to zone what wasn't taken care of the night before. Also are you sure they know how to really read the smart schematics? Are they taking too long to break down the boxes? Remember it will take them longer than the seasoned crew you just lost for awhile. Also are they any other team members that wanted to come into HBA? I know the team in my store considers it the best area to work in and would fight for those spots. Maybe you could see if the TL would be willing to possibly split the new hires up and just keep 2 in your wave. Remember that they have had a ton of information thrown at them in a short period of time. The better training they receive the better likelihood that they will stay.
I do know where ur coming from in the last 3-4 months we have had 10new hires for flow but in our store we do are wave slightly different each set area has a bowler (a&b & paper) (c&d (e&f) & (g) but all the pushers start in a & b and work from there to g then c & d & then finally e&f it has worked really good at our store some truck days we can have 12 to 15 pushing in 1 area the only bad thing is timing tho we gotten better to where by 8am all a b c d e f g & paper is done & we would only have back walls cosmetics & seasonal left but we are hiring another 4-6 people for flow to help us get done by "8am" but its a double edge sword in our store sometimes with that
I made a thread awhile back about what you just stated JWoww. Except it was more on the lines of meeting RWT and the designated hours to push the truck. Since we recently had our Flow TL get fired. The Backroom/Instocks TL took over the roll of Flow as well. So far he's managed all 3 areas pretty well. Like I said its the new hires. I will suggest that our TL split up the new hires Tellme. Only issue I see is that 3 of the new hires are only there for the summer...

I'll see if I can train them closer to the aisles I'm working on.

Heres how our morning goes for HBA that is:

(2500 truck RWT finished at 5:20). I'm there at 4am to start breakout of Stationary and bowling whatever HBA pallets may be. a new TM comes in at 4:30 to help me bowl. When Stationary pallet isn't heavy I'll have him start stocking HBA as I continue to bowl. By the time trucks done I go back to finish Stationary and the rest continue to bowl out whatever pallet is left. We will get all the boxes off the floor A1-30 and back wall.

Heres the issue that has been addressed and ignored by the said TM'ers. Once the boxes are off the floor and we have little over an hour to finish HBA. Instead of starting back at aisle A1 and jumping carts, the new hires will stay in the last aisle they just pushed to do that aisles carts. Leaving me to do carts in A1-20 by myself.. You guys can agree that the bandaids, vitamins, etc can be the heaviest carts..Our HBA is roughly 30hrs daily amongst 5-6people..With 1 being solely Cosmetics till I can get over there quick enough to help him...
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