Who is able to overturn non-rehirable status?

Feb 29, 2024
I was terminated from my original location about 2 months ago. I've been marked as unrehirable but I have tried to apply to other locations. I've gotten as far as receiving an offer letter from another location but right before my orientation, I got a call saying I was flagged and can't move on until my status has been changed. I was wondering who has the ability to overturn this status if my new store has this ability or would I have to go back through the store that I was terminated from and ask them to overturn it? Or could be the 3 month no rehire thing? I'm not really sure that the 3 month rule exists but if you know anything please reply.
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You were fired for violating the TM purchase policy over a Stanley cup. Target does NOT take kindly to policy violations, and you know this because of the two other threads you've made asking about virtually the same thing. You were put in as someone who can't be rehired and that is not going to change. Not only will other stores not trust you, but why would an HR ETL want to risk their job to give someone a second chance who Spot does not want to trust again? "Overturning" the non-rehire status will not happen, simply put.
It's time to move on. I'm sure you can get a job somewhere else without issue, but Target is out of the question. Someone else said this in the last thread you made, but you have barista in your username, so maybe you could work at a non-Target starbucks! The pay will probably be better anyway. Best of luck to you, but seriously, pack it up.
Why the hell waste your time and effort? You're screwed. Better stated, if you violated major guidelines, you screwed yourself. You're young, start over and follow the rules.
It's not like Target is the only company to work for, so why do you want to get back in so badly? There are piles of other retailers out there, even piles of other places that start new hires at $15 (or more, depending on where you live), and huge piles of other companies that aren't retail.
Do you do this with personal relationships as well? That could be scary.
Time to get yourself un-obsessed and form a new plan.
Hey, even if you somehow managed te get rehired you would be starting over as a new hire at starting pay. So if pay is a factor in you wanting to return keep that in mind.
Even if you went back you would be marked, watched like a hawk and everyone would know you're a potential risk. It would be uncomfortable to say the least. Like a drunk at the pickleball club. Walk in with a package on, even once, and you're labeled.
It appears this person posted each of their threads on this topic to both TBR and r/Target. I wonder where else?

To quote Simon Cowell: "It's a 'no,' kid." Your termination was fair and just. It's not a wrong that needs to be corrected. The next right thing to do is find another place to work and fully inform yourself about their policies.

And stop letting TikTwats herd you. Was that Stanley cup worth it?
I'm all for freedom of speech or whatnot but do we have moderators on here? To either shut these threads down, combine or merge them, hold the OP accountable, anything! If OP isn't breaking any rules on here, well I believe they should be. Let them do as they please on Reddit, not on here. A lot of us genuinely tried to help already, what a waste of time.
Oh, and don't bid on some bit of sports memorabilia with no intention to actually buy it and then accuse the site of "awful customer service" when your bid wins and you're expected to pay. :rolleyes:

Just...get better at making choices.

OP is so cooked, like I'm sorry but how stupid can a person be-