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Nov 2, 2011
Does anyone else see their hours randomly dropping with no reason? I was getting 15 a week for most of the summer, which everyone at my store was this summer. I've been getting scheduled around 25 the past few weeks. Now the schedule posted yesterday had me for 11.5. Is there any reasoning behind this? Other than picking up shifts what can I do? Most importantly, is this them getting ready to fire me?
My best guess for this would be that your store recently hired a lot of new people to help with back to school and, in a few months, the 4th quarter. These people would be part time seeing as seasonal hiring has not started yet. You will soon learn that there is very little reasoning within spot so hours can fluctuate regularily. The 4th quarter is coming though and during that they don't seem to be able to give out enough hours. Everyone, well most everyone, gets what they want during the holidays. I wouldn't worry about it.
I feel pretty dumb for not catching on to this already. But, you're right that we just made a bunch of hires. And all but three have quit...

If they were in your workcenter, you can pick up the hours they had been given. Ask your ETL if there are extra hours available.
If they were getting ready to fire you, you wouldn't have any hours at all, so don't worry about that.
I've been consistently getting 20-30 hours per week (albeit mostly cashing), but next week, I have 15. Though to be fair, I did request time off.
My hours go up n down but not under 32 I'm not a tl or anything special branded besides the so called mayor of my store due to me working a lot
Been a steady 35-38 hours a week for carts for about 5 months now. The lowest we get is 25.
Been a steady 35-38 hours a week for carts for about 5 months now. The lowest we get is 25.

Same here, i just took a official LoA but during the summer I was getting very close to 40 hours a week, and nvr went below 30 hours.

If u really want more hours, either make your availability wide open or start cross-training so u can pick up more shifts, at least most of my shifts were from 8:00-4:30 every single time I worked lol which was kind of a pain in the a$$ bcus I could of worked nights as well.
Depending on where you are, if school is starting you might not be as busy so they will not need to schedule as heavy as they have leading up to BTS. Hours fluctuate depending on what your stores forcast is. Also I know we are getting 4 LOAs back this week which will cut into the salesfloor hours..
I had three weeks of 25 or so hours down from my 33's hard to even be able to afford to breathe on 33 so that 25 about killed me. But hopefully mine will consistently go back up and stay up with me moving to being brand and more cross training!!
Yeah my store goes on hiring sprees when we shouldn't. Who says that the store needs to start hiring anyways?
Hiring is something that has to be proactive. Your HR team has some info that you may not be privy to. For instance if you have 4 team members on final warnings, you cannot wait until they are out the door to replace them. Granted you hopefully will be able to course correct them, but not always. There may be team members who have cut their available hours down, especially with the start of school. Before they may have been able to work 30 hours a week but now need to cut back to 15. This may not go into effect for 3 weeks, but you can't wait until then to get them on board. Can you imagine trying to close a store with all new team members or stock with 10 new team members. We have been there and it isn't pretty for them or you. It is a balancing act that HR is always working on, having enough team members to cover the available hours vs cutting available team members hours.
It's also about having a large enough pool of available TMs trained & ready.
Say your area has hrs for 25 TMs but you have 35 people. You spread the hrs that you have around so everyone is involved. It may be one day everyone has short shifts BUT, if you have 3 call-outs, it's all the easier to ask some of your short-shift folk who are already there if they can stay to help cover. If they can't, then you need those extra folk to call in. Too small a pool leaves you with too little options.
You also find out who's willing to stay/come in & they're rewarded with more hrs when you do your scheduling.
Just found out today that our hours are being cut across the board on the newest schedule. It's going to make for a loooong, difficult week. Kinda funny, considering they didn't have any problem dishing out hours for inventory prep...
thats because inventory hours are allocated to the store specifically to get the work done. Not to spread around to other work centers.
thats because inventory hours are allocated to the store specifically to get the work done. Not to spread around to other work centers.

Ahh, I see. Well then I guess I'm just perplexed as to why they cut hours so drastically. It's just so frustrating. I love working at Target, but pretty soon I'm not going to be able to afford basic living expenses.
I've had 40 hours for the past year, and this week they magically went down to 30.

Halfway through the week, I've already been asked to add hours.

Back to 39.75. *shrug*
You should come to my store! We've lost so many cashiers due to college starting up, as well as an unusually high rate of turnover aside from that. Right now we don't have enough cashiers to fill all the hours, and theres around ~50 hours that are left unscheduled every week! Fortunately we're still able to function, but once we start getting call ins, **** hits the fan fast.
our ETL's suddenly started running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get hours filled, but most "permanents" picked up shifts and such already, so they couldn't find anyone to fill call ins.... *sigh*
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