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Dec 20, 2011
My store has had a reoccuring issue with Rig batches this week where the item your led to has 0 in S&I but there is physical merchandise on the shelf. When checking it in the book under in stocks in item search the date received is the current date. Any one having this issue and any suggestions on what might be causing this?
Could be a number of reasons. Most likely it is because someone researched it and press 0. Maybe the merchandise was put in the wrong spot or was "unlocated", thus the reason why it was zero-ed out. Or someone miscounted the number of items on the shelf/peg hook when doing a previous RIG. Same reason why there are negative counts.
But many of the items were stocked the same morning they were scanned, and I stocked them myself so none of those scenarios explain it.
Hmm... I would just mysupport it... the numbers between research and the accumulator don't update that often (once a day) while others update in real time (ie POS and Item Search within your store, but not RSCH changes and item search)... sounds to me like there is some sort of issue going on there but I'm not sure :)
Our plano team was just told to research every plano once completed and 0 any outs. I think its a horrible decision, but then what do I know.
Research had a filter before the recent update that wouldn't let you update a count on a new POG until a couple of days passed, which kind of defeats the purpose of following that common practice. But it does establish a trail to do an accurate update of counts when the filter drops.
Your getting the window of reporting I'm looking at Rock, the truck acknowledgement. Outside of just plain forgetting to do it is there any logistical advantage to reporting it in a time other than when you open the trailer and is the time window of the numbers updating the same as POS and research updates in item search.
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