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Mr Quickart

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Jun 15, 2011
So I looked at the new front end news yesterday and it was all about return policy changes. There were a couple big ones so I will try and list them all off.

  • Major electronics are moving to 30 days now. Believe it or not they actually gave us a list of what qualifies for this now!
  • Halloween costumes must be returned before October 31st. No more of this it "didn't fit" crap on November 1st!
  • Open collectables (hot wheels cars, dolls, etc) can not be returned period. I may be a little off with this one...

It also said that we will be sent new signage to support this. I am not sure if they had this before but there will be signs about this in electronics. Their motive for the change was the generic "to better align us with our competitors" what-not.

I may be mistaken but I think they also said something about making returns easier for the guests. I laughed at that.
I like it! Although, I really never noticed anyone returning costumes after Halloween at my store. All the sh*t guests try to pull, yet the assume the rule on that is solid and don't even try. Good lord.
at least there will be signage for electronics. At walmart we have our electronics return policy hanging above the boat. asfar as I know I havn't see any sort at target.
Agree 100% on the changes, especially the Halloween costumes.
Can't tell you how many came back AFTER Halloween only for moms to buy them back at clearance for 'play' outfits.
Finally Corp is seeing how guests are taken advantage of the return policy.
Another change that was posted on sharepoint months ago - that I was told by several people was just for ideas and that nothing there actually happens.

Wait until super-high volumes have an overnight HR-TL! Told ya so!!!
The following items cannot be returned if opened and may only be exchanged: music, movies, video games and software, sports cards, collectible Barbie dolls, porcelain dolls, action figures, die cast cars.
The following items must be returned within 45 days: computer hardware (Netbooks, eReaders, Tablets), cameras and camcorders.
Different return policies may apply for contract cell phones.

The following items cannot be returned or exchanged:

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Oh great, although I agree with the costume return policy 100 percent, I can tell that I'm going to have a fun time with guests yelling that they "never used it and bought another one". Total crap, but they'll still be pissed and decide to give us a hard time. Good policy though IMO.
I honestly never had too many guest return Halloween costumes after halloween so it shouldn't effect my store too much but I am all for those listed changes AS LONG AS everything is posted on the reciept and that is the nessassarry signage at the front end. It is so much easier to get guest to stop fighting when there is no black and white in the policy. (though i still get the ocasional video game/movie return fight)
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