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    Target Cafe Reopening?

    Ours has been open for months...we have the fulfillment coolers in the starbucks eat in area
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    Service & Engagement Front end breaks, how does your store do them?

    Hmmm. I think breaks are really easy at my store. The SCO makes the breaks for the front end and guest services although guest services is allowed to make adjustments as needed. We print two grids for each dept and write them on the grid. Guestto service and the lanes cover each other...
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    Drive Up and OPU process

    Very interesting about not having dedicated drive up people. My store tried to do that in the very beginning with just one guest service team member and it was a shit show. It quickly changed after that. We usually have two dedicated guest service team members to open and close and at least...
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    Service desk tips

    I think I would have to know more about what issues you guys are having at service desk every day. I've been exclusively service desk for about ten years now. Be patient, don't let guests rile you up. Be nice, most guests just want someone to be nice to them and listen to them. Keeping it...
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    Service & Engagement Can I speak to a manager?: A front end thread

    We still do rain checks at my store but guests asking for them is super rare. We never really had any issues with rain check fraud tho.
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    Service & Engagement Can I speak to a manager?: A front end thread

    We're not processing orders early for stuff like that. It's when a guest has 30 items in their order and they don't say that they are on their way. We can agree to disagree that's fine but I'm not going to say it's never necessary or that two minutes is unrealistic.
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    Service & Engagement Can I speak to a manager?: A front end thread

    I don't see anything wrong with processing a drive up order early if it's necessary. The two minutes metric is unrealistic, especially when we are not always notified and when they keep adding stuff. We now have fresh produce which is not close to guest services but the time is still two minutes...
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    COVID-19 New Cleaning Protocol

    We still have cleaning shifts at my store. They have a nice new plexiglass station in front of the carts where they clean carts and offer masks and sanitizer. I really haven't seen much push back on the mask mandate but my state has had one for months. The occasional child is sometimes...
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    Service & Engagement Can I speak to a manager?: A front end thread

    I kind of like that. Its just as annoying when they call the store saying that they are outside for a regular pickup and would like it brought out to them. I think I love your idea Amanda of letting us process the order if the guest picks up the item themselves. Although I still think if the...
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    Service & Engagement Can I speak to a manager?: A front end thread

    Can we talk about OPU? I'm so frustrated with the constant stream of guests who come in early for order pickup when its not ready and getting angry about it. Its like suddenly everyone thinks that if they show up in an hour that their order will magically be ready and waiting. When in...
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    Open Video Game Exchange

    Interesting discussion. We used to do this. Now it's just a free for all. We are generally undercut by an overzealous, make the guest happy etl when we try to enforce anything these days.
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    COVID-19 Is anyone else's Target enforcing masks?

    Our state has had a mask mandate for months now and we enforce it. Thankfully leadership takes it very seriously at my store. As for taking masks off in's tsc. You can't eat with your mask on. We may have our masks off but we still social distance. That's common sense.
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    Service & Engagement Can I speak to a manager?: A front end thread

    I absolutely hate that we can no longer do defectives on the register. It's going to be hard for keeping track of what's been done especially toss. It also doesn't always process the defective under the right label. I really wish corporate would stop trying to "help" us.
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    To That One Guest - II

    TTOG who didn't want me touch any of her things even though I was wearing gloves and we are constantly cleaning. Stay home or do self checkout. Maybe try wearing gloves or a mask yourself if you are so concerned about being "contaminated." I don't want to ring you up anyway.
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    New reshop process

    We've been using three tiers for like a year now I guess. It's a pain in the ass because we still don't have that many. We have a z rack for style as well as a shelf for folded reshop which they never empty. We are also back to sorting reshop at gs even though there's no space for it after the...