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    Archived Have you started your Team Member reviews yet?

    Ours were due today, but our HR requested that we don't all turn them in Friday so she has to read them all at once... guess what happened. :)
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    Archived SBTL's, talk to me about Playbook

    Is it dropping or has already been trained for your store? I'm a new store, and my team was trained on the Store Support role while I wasn't (I came in role after store open and the team's training). Haha guys, you got me. It came to light that I didn't understand the SS role as well as I...
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    I'm Lost! The REDCard Thread

    While games are fun, they're short-term for the most part. I think that you'll start to see lasting results when the team is held accountable for asking the correct way. Engaging in brief conversation, tailoring a RedCard pitch to them as best they can (free shipping, extended returns, take...
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    Archived Trying to transition to Electronics TL / jealous coworkers?

    Good luck with your development! And yes, as others have noted it's always hard when you end up passing your peers. Know that it will never go away if you make it, and you can always kill them with kindness. You can only do so much about the talk around the water cooler... and those that want to...
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    Archived New in Role Electronics Team Leader

    Yes, do check out the thread. I've also drafted a routines list divided by shift (the team had nothing of the sort before this, oh god). Included are things such as label maintenance and checking key OUTs, such as AD items, endcaps, or that big ole' TV wall and the gaps that OUTs can present...
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    Archived Electronics Attachment Rate

    I too have recently moved as Electronics TL. As my other departments include Seasonal, I've been tied up with prepping for BTS/BTC, but my ETL wants my month planned out to have 2 TMs which I status with that week to give them feedback on their performance. Basically, 2 TMs which I focus on...
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    Archived ETL-GE what do they do?

    The ETL-GE in my store is as mentioned, responsible for Guest Experience scores, this includes the entire front end's scores, as well as those reported under the front end (Cafe, Starbucks, Guest Service Desk), as well as 'TMs are available' on the survey. One of the GSTLs was driving fast...
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    Archived Being moved from Starbucks to Hardlines

    I'm sorry I was unclear, this move is happening. I'm training my replacement in the schedule written. I agree that it is a move to return me back to everything I hate about Target, but I'm the boss now so I'm willing to make it work. 'Doom and gloom' already recognized over here, thanks...
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    Archived Think of going for GSTL

    The prepping is very important for your development. As previously stated, it helps you get the store leadership on your side. While you're obviously in many areas of the store and performing above your core roles, winning them over is key. Another thing, take control of your development by...
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    Archived Being moved from Starbucks to Hardlines

    The STL is making some major changes in the store due to bottom-performing departments and I have been asked to switch departments. While my ETL-GE is insistent that I do have a choice in the matter, I don't feel like to do and I'm not looking to make enemies. I was approached by an ETL one day...
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    Archived Starbucks Team Leader

    Welcome! I've been in role about 6 months, promoting from GSA. It really is a lot of work, but I'm enjoying Starbucks so much more than the front end. It's true, it's essential that you set aside time to be offstage. While my hours are particularly low, I have one day a week that I have 2 hours...
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    Archived Closing Starbucks...

    Yup, pretty much. Sometimes just before closing I'll also pour the teas into cold cups so I can wash those too. I really hate running around at the end of the night. Hope your closing went well!
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    Archived Leadership Expectations etc. has a good selection of questions, but I believe there's two different interview packets/sets of questions. For an internal hire I would imagine that they would expect more of the Target lingo, but an external may be safe off just using strong interview "power words". Here's...
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    Archived Guest Survey Comments

    Well they came back to the store months later after I guess overcoming their grief and filled out the survey.
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    Archived Why am I just now finding this forum?!

    Nonetheless I'm stoked! :) I've sort-of inherited a hot-mess over in Starbucks and am anxious for any tips/tricks for persuasion to, oh I don't know, have them do their job correctly and make a cohesive team. I'm in my barista training now and will begin leadership training towards the end of...