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    Question about street dated items

    I can’t tell you how many times me and other team members have put out street dated items because the stupid, poorly coded one for one system actively pulls street dated items. No one has gotten in trouble because Target Corporate is technically the one at fault for telling team members to put...
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    More useless garbage

    I find it hilarious they added cup holders to carts while there is a no drinks in the store rule. In my store we collectively took it as a message from corporate that it’s ok to eat and drink in the store now. I want to know which one of us employees or teams was paid to design and implement cup...
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    $.01 Price increases

    After working in entertainment during the holidays it blew my mind how wasteful Target is as a company. We replaced every single paper label strip in isles F-11 through F-20 EVERY WEEK. It’s ok during the off season because they would only send us the label strips being changed, so we would only...
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    I never said they did. All I know is they haven’t busted me or anyone else in electronics for receiving tips 🤷‍♂️
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    Specialty Two DPCI’s per Waco

    I might just have to switch stores because there is nothing worse than books and movies 😂🤮
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    Specialty Two DPCI’s per Waco

    Another case of ASANTS. Entertainment is still part of electronics at our store. Are most stores switching? Also is entertainment still in F? It just makes sense to have entertainment under electronics but if it’s off in some other isle maybe not. I’m jealous because a lot of our time and effort...
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    Specialty Two DPCI’s per Waco

    Entertainment is part of electronics... Electronics team members handle books, movies, cellphones and other electronics. The brilliant minds at corporate thought it would be a good idea to put movies and books behind a lock and key in the back room to make it harder for team members and flex...
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    Yeah totally 😂 I don’t know how much work AP has but if I had to take a guess, following team members on camera with merchandise that was legitimately checked out for ten minutes isn’t on their agenda unless they are purposely looking for tips. Catching team members getting tips hasn’t been a...
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    Specialty Two DPCI’s per Waco

    One for ones? Yes we are.
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    Beauty/tech Tl

    My store had an electronics team lead who left then a few months later we got a beauty/tech team lead. He’s the best and we all love him and how hard he works but honestly he is so spread thin it’s hard to keep up with beauty and electronics at the same time. I’ve been working at...
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    So far so good but we’ll see. Like I said I know our leadership team pretty well and they are super nice especially ap. A couple of years ago someone got a small warning about tips but nothing since. I know they would give a warning before any kind of punishment. Also no one in my store ever...
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    I can’t imagine how many tip offers you drive up team members must get. I work in electronics and I have brought out a lot of TVs and have already made about $120. I think it’s dumb to turn down a tip. It’s always $10 for some reason 😂 I’ve also gotten a tip from recommending and selling someone...
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    Service & Engagement Can I speak to a manager?: A front end thread

    T That is brilliant! Often times I’m the only person working in electronics and the second I go for a 15 or lunch guest services announces electronics has a call and the help call box thing goes off on all 3 alerts.
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    Visits need to happen

    I can’t remember if this is possible so someone correct me but I think on Workday you can find your stores district manager and other higher ups in your area and get their email address and try to send photos to them. It’s ridiculous that people at that level get paid so much more than we do yet...
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    AP/ electronics swraps lock boxes

    Haha 😂 yeah so the basket is full of tangled spider wraps. No one can justify spending time untangling them so they just pile up. And I have no idea what the pegboard is for.