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    Archived Eliminating more positions?

    Wait, Target Mobile take over? Target Mobile isn't even supposed to have keys to department, how are they supposed to take over? Also, if Target likes a high AAR, then they won't be eliminating any electronic positions.
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    Archived Watermelon Oreos

    They taste like bubble gum most definitely. No on believes me when I say that. I don't like them, I bought some for my boyfriend though.
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    Archived Go Out With A BANG!

    That's what I'm going to do. I do my best at my job--which is why I am/was a few weeks away from TL interviews--but my last day next Thursday, I think I'm going to do this. I'll act like the rest of my so called team.
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    Archived Wave zoning?

    At my store, wave zoning is speeding through the aisles, pulling things forward, and making it look presentable even if it's not in the right place. We usually do this on Saturday before ad take down because it might not get the chance to be deep zoned. Deep zoning at my store is when you zone...
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    Archived availability=suggestion?

    I had my availability set so I couldn't work before 5 pm Monday through Wednesday. I kept getting scheduled when I had class, so I printed off my class schedule for the semester and the schedule for the next two weeks, put them the mailboxes of the ETL-HR and my TL and left a snarky note. I...
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    Archived Question about accepting gifts

    You're totally right. But, sometimes guests will put in your pocket, because I've seen it happen, and it's happened to me. I was helping this little old couple with a blu-ray player, because they just got a new 55" smart tv and they wanted the full HD experience. So I showed them all of the...
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    Archived Pda

    I was nice and invested in the DS styluses for the team to use on the LPDAs. We had 8 packs on clearance for 88 cents and so I bought them all. Because I'm nice. And because I was sick of pen marks on them. But, they work well.
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    Archived Quitting: How To Do It

    I don't want to be deemed non rehire able if the time comes that I want to reapply, or if a potential employee actually calls my former employers. Plus, I respect my TLs and ETLS too much to just stop showing up.
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    Archived Quitting: How To Do It

    I just accepted a job offer someplace that pays almost twice as much as I get paid currently and I'd get commission on everything I'd sell. The problem? I have to quit Target. Now, don't get me wrong, I've been thinking hardcore of quitting recently--the hour cuts and the promises of better...
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    Archived Working for another retail store

    I have a coworker who works for Gamestop and works in Market. And, I've been told by the manager at Gamestop that he'd hire me on the spot if I didn't work in Electronics. It's a conflict of interest for them, but not for us.
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    Archived Calling the integrity hotline.....

    I called the Hotline just over a year ago about one of my (now former) coworkers. He absolutely refused to stop being just plain mean to me. And, when I say mean, I mean the attacking kind of mean, the kind of mean that borders harassment. I told HR and my STL and Hardlines ETL at the time, but...
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    Archived I love the iPads at GS!

    My ETL knows I keep my phone with me and even makes me use it sometimes, like when we're showing guests things on the Target App. My ETL-AP and ETL-HR use their phones all of the time. And so does my STL. We never got the iPads at our store, this is the first I've heard of it.
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    Archived eHR isn't working for me--at home or at work.

    Yes, of course, another "eHR sucks and I can't access it" post. I haven't ever been able to access eHR at home even with IE, it just does this: But, now, at work, whenever I try to log in to it, the screen loads like its going to the eHR landing page, but ends up going back into the log...
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    Archived Blizzard? I'm not going to work.

    Happy Christmas all! So tonight/tomorrow we're supposed to be getting a blizzard. I'm scheduled to work tomorrow in the AM and that's where the blizzard comes in. I'm not going into work with 5 inches of snow anticipated to already be on the ground when I am scheduled to come in. So I'm...
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    Archived Do any of you get the same quests from people on a daily basis?

    "Where are the microwaves?" Other side of the store. "Do y'all have Kindles?" Amazon and Target ended their contact and didn't renew, so no. "Do you have tablets?" The only tablets we have are the Nook and the iPad right now. No Android. "Can I pay for this here?" As long as you don't have...