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    Archived I would like to thank everyone...

    I would like to take the time to thank all current Target TMs, ETLs, TLs, Cashiers, etc. for working on Thanksgiving. Some of you know I left for RadioShack a few months back. I don't regret it too much. My paychecks usually have about an extra 150 bucks on it compared to Target, working the...
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    Archived But I was hoping to learn the sales floor....

    If they trained someone to be a TL or GSTL, don't they have to transfer them to a different store? They do at mine...I'm not sure if it's every Target or not. I always found that policy kind of odd. At my old job, if someone got promoted, you sucked it up and took orders from them.
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    I'm Lost! The Call In/Sick/Late/NCNS/Attendance Thread

    I just wanted to know what the penalty was for calling in "sick" or whatever excuse they may have too many times. I ask because we have this new guy who has called in 2 times now..and he's been there less than 2 weeks. If he were sick, you'd think it would have been consecutive. But he called...
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    Archived Snipsnap

    We had a chat with AP the other day about this. All we were told to look for was the red "Target Mobile" sticker thingy on the bottom of the app coupon. Otherwise, deny it.
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    Archived Pay it Forward, it happens!

    ...Why would you spot someone a whole pack of cigarettes..?
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    Archived Quick in-store commercial question

    Our H&B department is right across from entertainment. So all I hear is a Toy Story 3 commercial. =/
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    Archived I'm really getting sick of getting chewed out.

    Speaking of expired ads, my store does honor it the one time someone mentions guests ever look at the expiration date of the ad? We have this one really old lady who goes in every Sunday morning just to look for expired ads. I don't know why she does it....she could have come in...
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    Archived Rules regarding talking off the clock

    Exactly. I have a couple of ETLs who go ape crap of answering ANY kind of question while off the clock. Where as a few others just don't care. I don't consider telling a guest where something is "work." I consider it common courtesy. But that's just me. The very first week I worked at...
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    Archived Latest You've Stayed After Closing?

    Well, it's only 5 miles to the state line. Not to mention that half those people are on welfare....No offense to anyone who is on welfare here.
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    Archived Latest You've Stayed After Closing?

    Just the other night actually. We didn't get out til 1:30 a.m. Back to School sucks for our store. We happen to be on a state line where the other states sales tax is 2 percent higher. So EVERYONE from that state and EVERYONE from our state came to shop at Target for BTS....
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    Archived Anyone else got a "Tax Free Weekend" coming up?

    We had outs last month. Without saying EXACTLY what state I live in though, I can say it wasn't that busy because it was right before the 1st of August, so the people on welfare in the area didn't have any money to spend. Last weekend though, the 4th and 5th were AWFUL because school started...
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    Archived Changing jobs?

    I've never gotten food ave. I do occasionally get a cashier shift, though. Like, once every 2 or 3 weeks. Though I'm usually scheduled to be on a register at the same time 2 others are scheduled to be on. So I always get pulled off an hour or two into my shift and told to help do reshop for...
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    Archived Generation Y and Target

    That's true. Didn't think about that. I did apply at 24 other places in a period of 7 months before I got my job at Target. It's that whole catch about jobs and experience. Younger people, 16 to 20 years old can't get a job because they don't have experience. They can't get experience...
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    Archived Silly question

    Mine is the other way around. We have more GM than grocery, but no produce. And reading all the differences is hurting my head. lol