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    Target is racist towards hispanics

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    All new ETLs are getting $60K to start now???

    No. It's still based on the cost of living in the area. My source you ask? a few of my college buds are etls in different states (PA, MD, NM, FL)
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    Stabbing in Target store

    Last week this store was in the news because somebody's money got stolen out of their purse, yesterday there were people stabbed inside. A team member talked to the press and is named in the article, although as I remember there were strict guidelines against that...
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    I was very aggressive with my 401k and had over $25,000 in it when I left the company. STL are you saying they pulled my investments out, I thought the it stayed vested in what I last had it distributed as
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    I am no longer with the company and would like to access my 401k account to see its performance. How do I do this without access to Team Member Services?
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    Unemployment Benefits

    Anyone know anybody who was ever denied unemployment from Target?
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    Terminations :)

    During terminations does there need to be neutral third party present?
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    Do the health benefits immediately stop following a termination?
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    LOA and TM discount...

    can you use your discount if you take an LOA?
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    Cut Cut Cut snip snip snip

    The reason why there were not to be refreshments at holiday helpers is because Target took a poll of the guests that come to holiday helpers and they said they would much rather have a coupon than a coffee and a muffin.
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    Stepping Down

    The company does like me and in about 6 months I'd either have to step down or get transferred because they do not want Senior CTLs with P-Fresh. I want to step down to team member now so I can move (the place I want to go to does not have a leadership position available) and go back to school...
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    Stepping Down

    Anybody ever step down from Team Lead or Sr Team Lead? What is the process? I'm considering just becoming a team member, I'm sick of everything and I want to move to another area.
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    OH counts

    Anybody officially know how long it takes from the time an item is sold to when the OH counts update? I've heard many things twenty-four hours, two hours, four hours...not sure which is correct.
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    Problems with sort function at guest service?

    Mine too! It was terrible
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    well figure i may as well ask you store team members this to....

    I hate that stupid rule that any time worked on a paid holiday does not count towards OT.