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    Archived New and Improved

    Heh, just wanted an original title post :music2: Anyways, I'm back again - This is my third and hopefully final username - I used Relic originally, Dynastic after that and now this one. I like this one the best! :yes:
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    Archived Quitting question?

    I quit once before a couple years back. I did get a lump payback of vacation pay in one check along with regular pay, it was with my last check. It came on the next scheduled pay-date as opposed to my last day of work.
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    Archived is anyone else having trouble accessing eHR?

    I've sometimes run across this issue and have successfully gotten in after closing the "page cannot be displayed" pop up browser and just trying the link again. It would work on the second attempt.
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    To that one guest

    I was recently working in a store that is now closed. Obviously, our merchandise and shelving dwindled down and looked rougher and rougher as we got closer to our close date. Some guests just couldn't see the elephant in the room. Here goes a scenario: Guest: Where are your donuts? Me...