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    Strengths and Opportunities

    My Opportunity is relating well to Others. I tend to get really frustrated when it comes to seasonal hires and Training them. I feel like if they sign off on the lesson plan and say they understand, then there should not be any question as to why things are not getting done. I know it sounds...
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    How to contact HQ for a possible donation for a Fellow TM who lost her husband today.

    Hello, A fellow team member lost her husband this morning in a tragic solo vehicle car accident. I know some fellow team members have set up a jar at TMSC for raising funds for her during this holiday season, (She has 3 kids, one whom just celebrated a birthday yesterday) Does anyone know...
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    Do you have enough Xbox 4G for black friday?

    Same here. My store had a huge pallet, and we are down in stock. But we make our resellers buy accessories with each core if they want to buy in bulk. I just dont agree with selling them in bulk when we are well aware that they are going to be on AD for the 2 day.
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    Electronics Black Friday Schedule

    Revisions for 4 day and 2 day How is the Electronics/Ent team member in charge of revisions going to do the revisions? I set mine on Monday and NR on Tuesday AM. As for Weds, is someone coming in to do the new revisions that start on the 11/25 ? I for some reason am not closing, which...
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    I'm Lost! Covering Entertainment Specialist during leave need advice for revisions.

    My store tends to tie and batch things on Sunday Morning for Mondays set and Tie and Batch street dates for Tuesdays set. I know we sometimes set street date labels in books and just cover and flex until Tuesday. Does anyone do it differently? Is there a right or wrong way to set...