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    Logistics Trailer seal part numbers

    My ETL GM is horrible at ordering supplies for me in a timely fashion so I'm now have the ETL HR ordering everything for me. The only issue is he wants the part number for everything and I can normally find them easy enough. That said, what is the part number for the yellow trailer seals?
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    Receiver training

    I have been asked to train a new receiver at another store in our district. The amount of time given for training is going to be two one hour zoom calls over the course of two days. Any advice on how I'm going to be able to pull this off would be greatly apricated.
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    Receiving Pilot is Not Going Forward!

    I was told about it a couple weeks ago. At my store I'm even getting an extra help three days a week (2 hrs) if I need it for IR's and ESIM. The person will also get hrs on the weekend to sort ESIM and load the sweep. In the last month a beer delivery driver loaded his load back on the truck...
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    Bye Bye Receivers

    I was notified last week that one of our stores pilot programs involves eliminating the receiver's position and making the f/b team responsible for receiving vendors. The receiver still gets 3 hours a day to do reverse logistics. The rest of his/her day is spent as gm or inbound.
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    No pallets on the ground

    Does anyone else's stores now have a rule about no pallets on the backroom floor? As soon as a vendor pallet arrives it must immediately be racked in the steel. Whenever a pallet is emptied (vendor or store) it must also immediately be added to a stack that is already racked in the steel. To any...
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    Archived Is your store getting a remodel?

    We are 12 weeks into ours. The contractor is about 4 weeks behind schedule. Our new OPU was scheduled to have been done weeks ago and is still being constructed. The new checklanes has not even begun yet. Last week was scheduled to be the last week to begin new construction projects. They...
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    Archived Food Donations

    Most of the time our donations are mostly from the pfresh side of the store. The only issue I have come across is the times we have a large number of bananas or eggs to donate. Our local shelter can not always handle some of our larger donations. At times if our store is going to have a large...
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    Archived Are truck drivers stranded when they run out of hours?

    Twice in the last two weeks, the driver has had to take his break as soon as he dropped of our trailer and hooked up the empty/sweep trailer.
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    Archived Latest PDA update

    The backroom detail reports shows the name of the tm that last backstocked a dpci in a location. The system only saves the name for 2 weeks. If the item has been in location longer than that then the tm name is blank.
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    Archived backroom tl hrs

    Back when I first started many years ago we had both a morning and BR day TL. When the economy went south we were downsized to just one about six years ago. From that point forward we had a morning TL.
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    Archived Latest PDA update

    Last week when our PDAs received the latest software update, the one that created the SUBT app, we have started having a new problem. When we are checking the backroom detail reports or the CAF pull times the names do not match up often to the people working. And the names can change every...
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    Archived backroom tl hrs

    I work backroom day in smaller store. Our backroom team lead is scheduled to work dayside, after the morning backroom team has gone home for the day. Is this normal in other stores or do most leads work earlier in the morning?