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    Has anyone done the foundational(?) leadership program?

    If so, how was it
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    Did everyone get their Target Circle week event supplies yet?

    We only got in popcorn and lollipops
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    Service & Engagement New SCO Pilot

    This is so exhausting my store was driving SCO utilization, closing SCO completely down during off peak hours to- oh Nevermind just keep them open now 🙄
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    When will the Cash only SCO option be available for all stores?

    I remember on workbench it said it’ll launch for some stores starting January 18 - my store still doesn’t have it
  5. J orders by Mycheckout device

    usually guests receive a confirmation email after the order is placed, guests haven’t been getting an email -I’ve called guest services in some orders it’s gone through and in some it says there’s no order and even though they got a delivery date estimate and confirmation on the device it could...
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    Do you need an expiration date when registering for tax exemption?

    lately I’ve had a lot of guests wanting to register for tax exemption because they’re shopping for a school or church etc, they come with a tax exempt form with all the information except the expiration date. When registering on the POS the expiration tab says “optional” but it isn’t optional...
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    Is there a way we can take a picture with a zebra and access the gallery/album?

    Some TMs use their personal phones to snap pictures for reference when flexing a end cap or somewhere else
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    I worked both holidays Memorial Day and Juneteenth and was able to work up to 48hours (in total) for that week.
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    Is it normal not to have access to Mytime while Training to be a TL?

    and yes I’ll ask my HR on Wednesday when I’ll see them. Just wondering if it’s happened to anyone else before?
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    Are Hip printers connected to the registers in your location?

    I’m pretty sure I saw a post/picture somewhere that a store had hip printers connected to each register - at my small format store the opening GA has to make sure to bring one up and connect that single hip printer to all the registers (5) but sometimes they grab the wrong hip printer or that...
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    Is there a reason why target circle earnings can’t be redeemed for dairy products?

    Just curious because I often have to say “idk” to guests when they ask why. They don’t really ask when it’s alcohol, I guess that’s more understandable lol
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    Do TLs have requisition budget?

    are they given a certain amount each month to be able to req things out for the team? One of the leads in my store was complaining that there hasn’t been any fun food events/activities because we don’t have an ETL HR as of now but I’ve seen her Req out bagels or candy for the team because she...
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    Can you get a CA for anything?

    Another team member at my store got written up because they forgot to audit after an INF during an order
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    Soda stream pick up orders

    No, I’m from a small format store. no drive up. It’s guests that think they can do the exchange because apparently it says they can 🤷‍♀️
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    Soda stream pick up orders

    Recently I’ve been seeing that guests have been doing pick up orders for their soda stream exchanges but when picking up the order it charges them for a brand new one in a box instead of at the exchange rate w the exchange refill ($14.99) apparently it tells them that they have to show me a...
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    Ridiculous OPUs

    A banana
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    Where do I see the deal of the day?

    It It’s not showing up for me any header that says “Deal of the Day” on the website or app. I’m looking at workbench it doesn’t show anything recent even though it is filtered for most recent
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    Where do I see the deal of the day?

    On targets app
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    How to order new discount card?

    I lost my wallet. I read somewhere that you can order a new one on workbench, I tried looking it up but nothing was showing for me. Yes, I did go to Hr and they said they didn’t know how and to ask the other Hr TM tomorrow who MIGHT know. In the case that Hr TM doesn’t know, can anyone lead me...