1. KarmaToBurn


    I'm just curious if any other older straight white males feel discriminated against at their store? I know I certainly am having just filed a charged with the EEOC against my SD. Target preaches inclusivity, and I'm just curious if Corporate is totally oblivious to the the truth or is this...
  2. M

    I'm Lost! Integrity Hotline for a Team Member incident

    I’ve seen a bunch of posts about how the Integrity Hotline doesn’t help when you call about HR or Leadership, but does it do anything when you call about another team member who’s at the same level as you? A TM has been harassing me for the past couple months, and has been talked to by my GSTL...
  3. C

    Archived work harassment

    hi everyone, new to TBR but wondering on some advice on harassment from an STL? (not 100% sure what his LEGIT position is, but he is a team lead of sorts) - he has been reported to our HR/HR TL multiple times, with multiple women's accounts and stories - these include instances of unnecessary...
  4. J

    Archived STL/ETL taking pictures of us

    my TL has weekly meetings to let us know what our focus will be, sales comps/planning etc. i will be having my meeting tomorrow. according to several other TMs, they are letting us know that our STL- along with our designated ETL (and other leaders)- have been taking pictures of us when they...
  5. T

    Archived “Guest” Harrassment

    I’ve been working at Target for almost 3 years and have only recently been encountering this guy. I used to work backroom a few years ago and I remember him stalking a girl in Softlines to the point where she had to get walked to her car but he never got kicked out? I’m now in consumables and a...
  6. B

    Archived Co-worker harassment

    First off, I'm new here, so hi! Posting this because other people's opinions will help me try to grasp how to handle this. I've been re-hired at target and started a week ago. Fitting room operator mostly. Before that, I was hardlines. So this is entirely new. This week I was called in twice...