1. M

    Archived Question about pay when changing workcenter?

    So, I recently had to change my availability during the week due to personal reasons. I've been full-time Electronics for two years now and make slightly more in pay than someone who is just on the sales floor just because it's a specialty department. I now am only able to work four and a half...
  2. HRZone

    Archived New Paygrades

    So I got confirmed word there will be four paygrades. 30 - Entry Level 35 - Speciality 40 - Team Lead 45 - Senior Team Lead and similar positions They will also be changing how experience pay works for pg40 and pg45. I hear there will be a wider range of experience pay although Target will...
  3. F

    Archived Pfresh TM raise?

    Hi! I worked as a HL team member for almost 2 years but recently moved over to Pfresh full time. I do the order, go in at 6 to do the morning cull and truck, QMOS stuff, etc. My HR person said this came with a raise, but has since retracted because "consumables" TMs are still N03. She said she...
  4. S

    Archived Wrong pay

    So...I just got hired into target and accepted the pay.. problem is 3 days after I was hired my friend was hired at a different store that is lower volume for $3 more than me. It makes me mad cause I have more experience than her. What should I do its too late to negotiate and honestly I lost...
  5. F

    Archived Incorrect pay for a year?

    I was hired last September as a sales floor team member. Fairly shortly, I was trained and began working in electronics by my request. I was called out by many of the team leads, etc. as an "Asset" for the Holiday season last year. Anyways, fast forward to today, and I hear people talk about...
  6. X

    Store Paygrades

    Complete paygrade list found here: Store Paygrades - Hey everyone! I used to browse every once in a while so I'm definitely glad it is back up and running. I was curious though if anyone has the list of paygrades from cashier to sr.TL. I...