Store Paygrades

Jun 22, 2011
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Hey everyone! I used to browse every once in a while so I'm definitely glad it is back up and running. I was curious though if anyone has the list of paygrades from cashier to sr.TL. I feel like I saw it before, and I found something on workbench but it stops at PG 11, and I would like to know the TL paygrades.

PG13 - Team Lead - starting $11-12 depending on store
PG15 - Food TL - starting $12-13 depending on store
PG17 - SrTL - starting $14-16 depending on store

+$1 key carrier
+$1-2 shift differential (if applicable)

Not positive on the SrTL, but, I think that is where it goes.
From FY07, I don't know how much these have changed because I don't have access to the Pay grade chart for AE11.

  • Paygrade 3
    • Cashier
    • Cart Attendant
    • Service Desk
    • Fitting Room
    • Sales Floor
    • Comp Shop
    • Brand Attendant
  • PG5
    • Clerical
    • Pharmacy TM
    • Photo Lab
    • Price Accuracy
    • Presentation
    • Softlines Brand TM
    • In-Stocks TM
    • Salesfloor-Bakery, Meat, Produce, Sampling
    • Food Ave
  • PG7
    • Backroom O/N, AM, Day
    • Flow O/N, AM, Day
    • Presentation
    • HR TM
    • Metro Comp Shop
    • Starbucks TM
  • PG9
    • Deli Production TM
    • Sales Floor Specialist - Electronics, Jewelry, Entertainment, Shoes
    • Food Service Specialist
    • Cash Office Specialist
    • Receiving/Reverse Logistics
    • Signing Specialist
    • Photo Lab Specialist
    • Target Protection Specialist (TPS)
  • PG11
    • Baker
    • Cake Decorator
    • Sr. TPS
  • PG13
    • GSTL
    • Sales Floor TL - HL/SL
    • Consumables TL
    • In-Stocks TL
    • Food Service TL
    • Starbucks TL
    • HR TL
    • Logistics TL - Backroom, Flow
    • Photo Lab TL
    • Price Accuracy TL
    • Presentation TL
    • Key Carrier - Logistics TL (+$1 for being a key carrier)
    • Garden Center TL
    • Pharmacy Technician
    • Assets Protection Specialist
  • PG15
    • Pharmacy TL - +$1 for being certified
    • Sr. APS
    • Food TL - Deli/Bakery/Produce/Meat
  • PG17
    • Sr. TL - Sales Floor
    • Sr. TL - Food
    • Sr. TL - Replenishment
I wish our target would get a bakery section. :C I have experience in both baking stuff and cake decorating... how much, $$-wise is each paygrade normally?

I'm guessing PG3 = mininum wage + review raises?
Awesome! thank you guys very much! I was just promoted from GSA to Offsite Logistics TL, which I'm hoping is also a key carrier!

Thanks for the info!
Not sure where TM's keyed in MAX as Electronics go. PG5?
I wish our target would get a bakery section. :C I have experience in both baking stuff and cake decorating... how much, $$-wise is each paygrade normally?

I'm guessing PG3 = mininum wage + review raises?

Bakery position PG5 for regular TM position... at my store 8.25

Baker is a PG 11 and is 9.50 at my store. If you want to be a baker you will be working early mornings starting between 4 and 6am, and be prepared to work the whole time!
Paygrades at my store are listed as N03, N05, N07, ... is PG something special for certain stores? And electronics TM is N07 at my store too, same as GSA. Also, a good way to see what positions are what paygrades would be to check the available positions board at your store. Mine has paygrade listed by each open position.
It's possible that different positions are on different pay grades depending on your org chart. Like I said, this is from the 2007 fiscal year so I'm sure there are several changes.
^ Good question. Mine is locked for only STL, I don't understand how some people can find limited ones.
If it's locked on workbench, you can almost always find what you're looking for from a store computer by searching on In the case of the paygrade stuff, most people know from experience or have seen the chart at one time or another for a business purpose and remembered. We have one in the TSC that includes paygrades for all positions in the field including district, group, and regional positions.
I got promoted from PG3 to PG7 and it said that they couldn't process the promotion unless it was a dollar higher than the base I came in at under when I was hired sales floor.
paygrades from 2009: source: the gtc: 98cents, rock lobster, silkk01

PG3: Guest Service TM (Cashier, Service Desk); Cart Attendant TM; Fitting Room TM; Garden Center TM; Salesfloor TM; Brand Attendant

PG5: Price Change TM; Planogram TM (varies by store); Salesfloor TM (Bakery, Produce, Sampling); Photo TM; Food Service TM; Instocks TM

PG7: Logistics TM (Backroom overnight/Early AM); Logistics TM (Backroom Day); Logistics TM (Flow overnight/early AM); Planogram TM (varies by store); Human Resources TM; Guest Service Attendant (GSA); Bike Building TM; Starbucks TM

PG9: Salesfloor Specialist (Electronics, Jewelry, Entertainment, Shoes); Cash Office Specialist; Reverse Logistics Specialist; Signing Specialist; Photo Lab Specialist; Target Protection Specialist (TPS); Bakers? and Deli TMs?

PG11: Cake Decorators and Senior Target Protection Specialists?

PG13: Salesfloor Team Leaders (Hardlines, Softlines, Grocery); Guest Service Team Leaders; Logistics Team Leaders; Merchandise Flow Team Leaders; Presentation Team Leaders, Price Change Team Leaders; Bakery Team Leaders; Produce Team Leaders; Starbucks Team Leaders; Food Service Team Leaders; Deli Team Leaders; Meat Team Leaders… any other Team Leader really…

PG15: Key Carrier Team Leaders (only one as far as I know)

PG17: Senior Team Leaders

Even Numbers are the ETL Pay grades butt they start at 8 I believe…

PG8: New ETL (any position)

PG10: ETL who has moved work centers once (going from Salesfloor/GE to Logistics or HR or the other way around)… going from Hardlines to Softlines or GE to Hardlines or anywhere in between generally doesn’t count and staying in the same position usually doesn’t either! Sometimes requires and interview depending on the district.

PG12: “Senior” ETL position… requires an interview in nearly every district and reserved for the ETLs that will becoming a STL in the next couple years (probably).

If anyone has any amendments to this list or something is wrong go ahead and correct it… this is everything I think I know… its probably not perfect but I figure it’s a good start :p

added by silkk01:

I know the Senior APS position was a P15.

As for ETL' have 4...

P8 - Beginning ETL
P10 - After the first year or so as long as you are approved. Only requires you to take more classes and get approved by the DTL.
P12 - Should be ready for a store within 12 months. Need to interview for the position with several DTL and maybe a GVP.
P15 - This is actually the Senior ETL position. This is an ETL that is signed off as a STL, but waiting on the position. Must interview with DTL that are not in your area, GVP's, and maybe RVP's.
I was under the impression that Paygrade 12 was the ETL OPS position and the Sr. Merchandising ETL. What would paygrade 15 entail since those are the highest ETL possible before STL?
Probably ETLs that are on their final rotation before becoming an STL, or ETLs that have already been chosen by higher management to become an STL.
Difference Between Paygrades

Can anyone explain the difference in paygrades? Like what an N7 is, N9, N11, N13, N15, N17...etc. How much more money would I be making if I were to earn a N15 position over the N9 position I have now? Thanks!