1. can't touch this

    Archived FACT CHECK: Is payroll "tight"?

    Anyone else caught their leaders lying about available payroll? It's lower than it should be, obviously, but it's not as low as they're trying to say it is. If they say there are 225 hours this week, there are really 280 - 300, I suspect. Alternative facts: Target edition. I was sitting here at...
  2. The lost Soul

    Archived dtm base?

    Does anyone know what dtm base means in a payroll?
  3. CsideMaster

    Archived Showing up and being told to leave

    If I show up for a shift, and they tell me they don’t need me and tell me to go home before I clock in, do i still get paid for a minimum of four hours since i showed up? This happened to me last night and I have a couple people telling me that i should still be paid since I was there, is that...
  4. SmilesWI

    Archived Spot Minimum Wage Increase

    On our way to $12 soon! Target announces expanded shipping services, $12 minimum wage -
  5. Kartman

    Archived You Can't Clock Out Until...

    You finish your zone!!! Can the LOD keep the entire closing team 30 to 60 minutes (or LONGER!) past their scheduled shift, against their will? I'm thinking NO.
  6. Kartman

    Archived Starting Pay

    Along the lines of that other thread, but a bit different. $8.00
  7. U

    Archived Salaried work

    If Target has no hours to push product, have cashiers, or finish backstocking, then the salaried employees should be doing it. Someone has to do it. And you are paid a flat salary to work. If that means you are there 16 hours, then get to it. But don't try cutting my hours AND expecting me...
  8. seeyanextime

    Archived Hours ever coming back?

    I've been with the company for 10 years so I know the in's and out's of no hours during the months of Jan/Feb but this is the worst I've experienced as far as getting below my average. Any other stores experiencing this? I'm usually able to get 30-35 even now but on the new schedule I have...
  9. S

    Archived Open Availability

    I’m starting get frustrated I have open availability except for one day . Getting under 25 hrs lately . & Others in my area can only work early or closing getting same amount of hours !!
  10. W

    Archived Shift hours

    Is there a minimum amount of hours a team member must work when they are scheduled? Or, can you be told to leave before your shift ends?
  11. Him

    Archived Easiest way to explain payroll

    Ok so I figured this would be the best place to post a thread on what exactly payroll is and just about everything having to do with it so mods, if you want to merge other payroll related post to this go right ahead. Any available people on here have a very simple, easy way to explain what...
  12. DeadAndKhaki

    Archived Missing payroll?

    Curious My store is cutting hours like crazy, executives say we don't have the payroll Schedule has already been released but we're being asked to leave early or not even come in. I don't really know how payroll works but I feel like something sketchy is going on. I'm signing and I've been...
  13. SaltedLamps

    Archived Human Resources Payroll System

    Hi guys, Does anyone know the payroll system that Target uses? I know its Kronos for scheduling, and we had a recent update. The reason is I am applying to jobs and have had experience in human resources for 3.5 years as an HR Team Member I know we use some ADP systems. I am looking for...
  14. T

    Archived Paycheck question?

    So I got my first paycheck today expecting at least $200+ but it turns out I was only paid for orientation which was 3hrs?? My orientation was on Oct 6th. My paycheck says the starting period was from 9/24 - 10/7. It is Oct 27 today. Shouldn't I have another check?
  15. M

    Archived Average hours taking forever to go up.

    So ever since I started this new position in Beauty in May, I've been working I belie Full Time 35-40 hours weekly, but my average is going up so slowly. Why? My avarage before May when I was still in Flow Softlines was 24.
  16. A

    Archived Would you give up pay for the ability to make your own schedule?

    I'm not talking a large cut, like .50c-$1 an hr
  17. S

    Archived Direct deposit

    Hello quick question. I am planning on switching banks soon and would like to cancel my direct deposit. Does anyone know where the option is at? Also how long does it take to come into effect last pay was this past Friday.
  18. S

    Archived How much did I get paid on July 4 as a Team Leader?

    I'm fairly new to being a team leader. I know there are incentives that come along with it but does that include working on holidays as well? For example, I worked on July 4 for 8 hours. Did I get paid time and a half or a full extra shift worth of work? I am reading conflicting information...
  19. HRZone

    Archived Minimum Wage

    What is the difference between Targets starting pay and the minimum wage in your area? Our state has a 9.47 minimum wage but out store starts everyone at 13 dollars an hour as we move towards a 15 dollar minimum wage state wide. My last two stores both paid 15 an hour. I was reading the HR...
  20. Him

    Archived Has anyone ever been turned away from working a shift if not scheduled

    I have seen it many times at Spot, a tm shows up and is not scheduled to work. They are not covering for anyone, just needs and wants to work. Leadship from what I've seen has always allowed them to work. Has anyone ever seen someone get turned away and sent home??