1. A

    What's your opinion? Work or not work?

    Under the operation Target is testing at the New Jersey facility, called a “flow center,” the company sends shipments to stores more frequently and in smaller lots tailored more precisely to demand rather than shipping big cases of products, Preston Mosier, Target’s senior vice president of...
  2. BeautyGirl

    Corporate Sales Training

    So I'm in a pilot store and later this month, I have to go to a training event that is being hosted by a third party because I'm the beauty and tech lead. It's on one of my scheduled days off that week, and I'm also scheduled 5 days, so technically going to it would put me in overtime. Does this...
  3. Apapaia

    MEGATHREAD End to End team PILOT

    I will be sharing the few points I have heard about the new pilot. Flow team, instocks, backroom will all fall into salefloor. TMs will be assigned to specific areas of the store and will be held responsible for pushing truck, do research, pull batches, push items, backstock. Example: A TMs, B...
  4. I

    Latest Pilot?

    I remember reading about some pilots in the pipeline but when is this one happening? Soon You Can Drink Wine While Shopping at Target
  5. daninnj


    I was futzing around with Workbench and somehow I got a list of every pilot happening now. If I clicked on any it would prompt me to log in which just directed me to the Workbench main page. Most of these aren't really anything extravagant or anything we didn't know before. Medication Therapy...