1. J

    Did everyone get their Target Circle week event supplies yet?

    We only got in popcorn and lollipops
  2. SallyHoover

    Black Friday Clothing Sale signs

    Why do the sale signs that are all over the clothing department not seem to apply to everything even in the category listed? For example the Sale sign says 30% of Girls legging ... Art Class and Cat and Jack and yes 90% of leggings do but rib leggings or cozy leggings or Hanukkah leggings...
  3. T


    Do we order meal bag stickers on Go cart? I can’t find chalkboard signs or the holders on there either. Can anyone please help?
  4. SuperTarget

    Kitchen Signing

    I oversee Home and Seasonal as a Speciality Sales Team Leader. I've only been in the role for a couple of months and I'm kinda inheriting a mess in Kitchen. The main issue is outdated displays which im comfortable auditing. I am going to be placing an order for all the shelf bullnoses for the...
  5. R

    Does anybody know the fixture number for the large wooden Auden sign?

    It’s the big wooden sign that hold the signs. This is a photo of the fixture.
  6. Tessa120

    What a great sale.

    Sad part is my daughter was trying to explain how it all makes sense.
  7. TargetMcFly

    Ordering dividers?

    Has anyone had success ordering adhesive or magnetic dividers in the last year? We have been reusing our adhesive for the last 2 years and it's starting to wear down.
  8. J

    Logistics Trailer seal part numbers

    My ETL GM is horrible at ordering supplies for me in a timely fashion so I'm now have the ETL HR ordering everything for me. The only issue is he wants the part number for everything and I can normally find them easy enough. That said, what is the part number for the yellow trailer seals?
  9. T

    What’s the red tape called with the target logo. I’m trying to find it to order it but I can’t find it anywhere in go cart

    Can’t find the red tape rolls with the target logo in go cart anyone know the name or part number
  10. P

    Pricing and Presentation We Need Shelves

    Anyone else hurting on shelving? We finished the ODL reset and needed even more shelves than we did for the Christmas set. Then with all the salesplanners resetting, we were stealing wherever we could which was a feat cause of all the flex, dcode and clearance taking up any available shelf...
  11. M

    Sign # for BOGO for Toys, Movies, Books this week?

    Hello, anyone by chance have the sign # for the “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” deal with toys, movies, and books this week? No store in my district has the signs….none were ever sent to the stores so no stores have the sign #. We have this HUGE sale and ZERO signs to promote it. If anyone has it, please...
  12. M

    Looking for part number for gift card black tray for storage.

    Thanks in advance if you have it!
  13. M

    Bullseyes Playground

    Hi, Does anyone happen to know the part number for the boxes in bullseyes playground? The ones on top of the island where the dog sits inside of. Ours have practically turned grey since we have large windows at the entrance. I’ve checked go cart and workbench but haven’t found anything.
  14. Azrael342

    Logistics Case Stack Stand

    Does anyone know what the part number for these are? We received a bunch of them a few years ago and I was trying to order a few more but can't find anything.
  15. A

    Numbered signs

    Target finally added numbered signs for drive up and I just want to point out how great this is. It’s a miracle we finally did it. Should had probably been done years ago but better late than never.
  16. C

    Printing Sale 7x11's

    How do you print more sale 7x11's like you get in your weekly adset. For example, I need to print more 7x11's for this weeks buy 1 get 50% off for protein bars etc..I know where the special cardstock is but if I scan one of the eligible items I only see an option to print a pricing 7x11 not the...
  17. snapper

    Parts question

    Part # question. Does anyone know the part numbers for the clear plastic clips that attaches to the P-fresh tables (the wood and the black containers)?
  18. T

    Label fixture question

    Does anyone know the part # for, what I call, flippy label holders or flex label holders?! I don’t think it’s target practice to use them anymore but I need them! Thanks!
  19. J

    POG/Sign Help *New Employer*

    What is tying a POG? How do you tie a POG? When reading a planogram what does for example H-20 (0) 1-1-1 or H20 (1) 3-3-4 mean? How do you tell the difference between just a planogram project and just a labeling project? How do you pick out the right shelf’s and pegs? How do you measure...