1. PogDog

    Store Apps

    With Store Apps going away and the fixture room lossing it's computer. How does one print just the Revision labels? How will price accuracy for a department be handled?
  2. T

    Anyone know what this sticker is?

  3. U

    Pictures that make you go hmmm.

    Had to take a pic of this today. Apparently, the idiots at corporate not only forgot they took away the specialist positions years ago but also forgot my store, along with most others, doesn't even have a signing tm anymore. Way to rub salt in the wound. Should be interesting to see what happens...
  4. Wtfisgoingon19

    Pricing and Presentation Signing job

    I'm new to this group, and wasn't sure if this question has been asked yet, but does anyone know what happens to the signing persons job after this modernization takes place. I heard it goes away and they become gm.
  5. busyzoningtoys

    Headers! Need help identifying and finding part

    Looking to change up all of our headers, and have seen these at a neighboring store. Any of you guys have these and can tell me how you get the proper aisle numbers for them and perhaps some part numbers for everything...
  6. S

    Sale price items

    Please direct me where to go on the Zebra to see which items require sale tickets especially after an aisle has been reset.
  7. R

    New to Signing

    Ok Ya’ll I’ve only been with Target since September and I was hired for plano(which I still do), but I got asked to do signing as my primary job title. So a few things... 1. I have NO idea what I’m doing and my STL won’t send me for training. 2. All I do is wait for my weekly pallet to come...
  8. S

    Wasted fixtures!

    I cannot believe all the fixtures they throw in the compactor. Like today they threw away those red mesh things that held the bags of Christmas bows. I’m thinking those would be great to toss toys into in kids rooms or at nurseries. And those black wire baskets that were in H&H I believe. Why...
  9. U

    Specialty Part number for glass shelf in cosmetics

    I looked all through SAP, checked the pogs, looked through 3 fixture guides, but I still can't find the number for the grip label holder for the glass shelves in cosmetics/personal care. Can anyone assist please?
  10. Diva0Darkness


    Hi all, I am hoping one of you can help me, I normally work in beauty and personal care, with an occasional Sunday Shift for ad set, but I noticed when I looked at the new schedule, they have me listed on a saturday evening from 6pm to 10 pm under '' signing". I am not sure what this is, I know...
  11. ForeverInMMB

    Just need to vent

    I've been signing TM for the past two years now. I've always tried to maintain my signing area, keep it tidy, throw away things we don't use. My STL recently appointed someone to clean the fixture and signing room, and my room was torn apart. I was gone one day and I walk in and it's gutted...
  12. P


    Hi all, I'm fairly new to the flow team and only part time. I'm not sure what this is on my schedule but its for a sunday 6:00am - 10:am for signage. I do not know what that is. Is it the new hire quizzes I was told about that I should have taken by now? Or its something else? If it is the new...
  13. B

    Amplified AE 2018: "Post Gifting" Predictions.

    With all of the changes/Pilots(can we actually call E2E a Pilot if it is company wide?), and Ship From Store (SFS) being an ever growing factor (A very important one to the future of this company). 2018, could hold some of the biggest changes Target has rolled out yet, shit, they rolled out...
  14. M

    Amplified Gifiting: Take two

    Is it just me or is this set worse than the first one? My stl decided that ship from store was the only thing that mattered to our store, therefore wouldn’t let me have a team or start on amplified gifting until yesterday. I tried to start on Saturday, but was told to wait. Now it’s Thursday and...
  15. S

    Can someone take pics of Sugar Paper shipper instructions?

    Would someone be so kind to take pics of how to build this shipper? Ours didn't come with instructions =/
  16. W

    Amplified Gifting

    So, one of our silver/grey "shippers" in the amplified gifting area has already come down as kids were trying to climb on it. Have any other stores had this issue? We have one between inf/toddler and boys on the floor..not the rug. I have visions of a shopping cart or an electric cart slamming...
  17. NXT

    Project G fixtures

    We just had our barn built by construction in our Home department. I am wondering if any stores received shelves and pegs for the new set? I haven't seen any and I assumed it would have been on the pallets of fixtures that came in for the construction crew but it wasn't. I saw in the VMG that...
  18. redcounts

    New sale sign not updating when printed

    I had to Temporary price cut some meat today as there was some dated the 20th. I made a new sale Sent a 3x3 sign to the printer then made sure i closed the batch. I went on store apps-signing and printed out my batch and... for some reason it's STILL printing the original full price on the sale...
  19. S

    Pricing and Presentation Fixture number help

    Does anybody know the fixture numbers on the various base deck sizes for endcaps to order them? We ran out and have several endcaps to set but cant find the fixture numbers to order some more.
  20. Ad Queen

    Specialty Ad Prep Store Mail

    Hey ad prep people! I'm not sure if everyone else has a problem with the Promotional Signing Shipment Report never being updated on time so I wanted to share a way for you to be able to track the ad signing packages yourself. For the UPS box you can track it by going to the "Track By Reference"...