1. M

    I'm Lost! Can somebody help me out? I’m burnt out

    Sorry for posting so much on here. I have high anxiety, and it’s a lot easier to ask questions anonymously on here than in real life. I’m a full time college student. It’s finals season. And I work near or over 40 hours a week even though I initially said that I want 20 hours a week (the...
  2. M

    I'm Lost! Fitting Room duties?

    Longtime lurker, first time poster and all that jazz :P I joined as a seasonal TM this past holiday season and was asked to stay on as a softlines TM. I started doing fitting room out of necessity, though I was never trained (and that's led to some interesting miscommunications >>). In the past...
  3. beachypeachy

    I'm Lost! new & still need help

    ok so today will be my third day of cashier "training". soooo basically i went in for my first day tuesday and had guest services call over the gtsl so i could get my team member # and have help punching in. he gave my my card and brought me to the tsc where you punch in and said punch in when...
  4. U

    I'm Lost! Backroom Nightmare

    Hello to all. I'm attempting my first post, so don't judge too hard. So I applied to Target as a rebound job after my last position didn't work out due to major anxiety, which prevented me from doing the job. So desperate to get work, I mustered up the strength to apply to Target and used my...