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Aug 6, 2012
hi! so i have worked 2 - 4hr shifts so far as a flow team member and it seems like there is A LOT to learn though i'm being shown/informed of very little so far...

first day i bowled and stocked merchandise....2nd day was a tues (non truck day) and i was introduced to z racks, pushing backstock (i think that's what its called)....

my schedule shows one more day with a trainer (tomorrow) this all the time i get with someone with me? it seems like there sure is A LOT of information I should yet be given... specifically the additional roles of unloading a truck or do they normally just 'throw you to the wolves' when it's your turn do them?

?) how long are you typically being trained for this position?

my TL is NOT very communicative and seems unapproachable if you ask me...tomorrow I intend to stop him and ask ?'s so hopefully he'll surprise me and give me some insight....
Im jealous that you got a trainer. When i was on flow i literally got 5 mins of someones time. I was told how to read the pick label and that was it.

It's been that way in every workcenter I've been in except for receiving, which is the only place I've had training and even that was kinda on the fly.
I got my trainer, but she talks very fast and that was on the first day.
she kinda did an information overload on me and I was like "what was that again"
she was all over the place and I try to keep up with her but if she remembers something she will tell me and if not I have to ask her, and the next day she will said something different.

Its a confusing, and since I'm on my 90 day probation I don't want to mess up, I like working on the flow team and the other crew members are good people. But my brain is a little slow in grabbing information.
More than likely your flow "trainer" is not a trainer. Just someone who they've paired you with. Target right now is being very, very stingy on hours, so more than likely you will just be thrown in and will have to do your best to get by.

Your best bet, is to ask your team leader who they feel you can learn the most from, and ask to work with that person for a week. Flow isn't incredibly difficult, but it is very demanding of you in terms of amount of work/money made.
Do you have any questions that maybe we can answer? Many of us have been on flow and many of us have been with the company for a long time, so we can probably answer a lot of your questions.
My store is definitely not stingy on hours at the moment and I think you would find it hard to find a SFTM who doesn't have damn near 40 hours...

We are AA Volume and only have about 8-9 regular SFTMs tho..

We all are already convinced we are going to die come 4th Quarter (Our store was top 20 of all Targets in Volume for Black Friday).
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