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Mar 9, 2012
I am just about to wrap up my reviews (I have been working on them for 7 weeks) and I cant help but wonder... how many team members are on everyone's alignment? I am under headcount in my workcenter, and have been for a year and a half. At this point, I think it is intentional. lol
Not a TL here, but I know my two HLTL's split the team in half so each have 8 people. Yeah... we're on the small side LOL
One of our GSTLs just quit and I was promoted to replace him but I don't get trained for a week still so our current GSTL has around 67 people under her alignment that she has to write reviews for. And no, the ETL GE isn't helping her
ouch! Haha, my ETL-GE is not writing any of mine either. She is new in role, but I don't mind doing them, they have given me the time, I am just ready for it to be over!
Given 4 hours for 40 reviews. 10 minutes per person for their performance for an entire year. Just saying, I hope my ETL spent more than 10 minutes on my annual review
I used to have about 30 and never got any help. Had to do that many 4 weeks after I got the job and didn't know how to write them but wing it I did. Thanks goodness for jump drives back then and cut and paste, just saying...
I had a friend get promoted to a different store as a teamlead, and one saturday morning, he came over to my place, after finishing his night shift and getting some drinking done. Over at my house, he was making fun of having to write reviews, and he pulled out a spreadsheet with all his tm names and was basically making fun of it saying he barely knows any of these people and pretty much everything he says is copy and pasted bs.
Given 4 hours for 40 reviews. 10 minutes per person for their performance for an entire year. Just saying, I hope my ETL spent more than 10 minutes on my annual review

Don't count on it. As everyone knows, all review scores have already been determined before anyone writes them (unless the store goes over budget & you have to downgrade a few). As long as the review reflects the score, it really doesn't matter. Just copy and paste a generic review for an E, an IE, & an EX (as if any gets one of those...not many!). Then just change the name on the review. It is all a big joke.

At my store, if you sleep with the STL, you get an O (quid pro quo, you all know...hey, that rhymes!), otherwise you're lucky to get a raise at all.

I hate to be so negative, but the company is getting worse, not better. As long as you have people at corporate who allow this stuff to go on...those who have no integrity at all, store management will continue to screw everyone. Oh, for someone to run the company with business ethics...!
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We're an org chart 1 here. I only have 5 to right this year as a HLTL. Last year as a GSTL I had 51, making this seem like a piece of cake...
I only had three to write, but once I took people from both the hardlines TL and the Softlines TL to support them, somehow I ended up writing 20 reviews..... I am too Nice!
I wrote about 25 this year. Wrote about 35 last year. I guess that's what you get in logistics.
It's amazing, I've been in role for a little over a month and had to write my self-review without too much time or help (last time I left the front end to use insidePOS I was accused of loafing LMAO). Now, shortly after that I've got 26 merit reviews to BS on a slew of cashiers and CA's that I've never met. I don't know, I just think it's kind of counter-productive to do this and with no time to boot! Well, this'll probably be my first and last post, I'm going to let Uncle Sam pay for my education. Thank all of you on here who post, your tips have helped me greatly in my short time at Target. Best of luck to you all!
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