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Jun 12, 2012
So is it actually a requirement that there must be a minimum of 8 hours between schedule shifts or is it just a well known myth? We had an incident with an electronics team member schedule to close and then do ad-set sunday morning and the STL told him it wasnt his problem and its not their responsibility to schedule him with the 8hr gap.
Well is there any Target company-wide rule regarding this? There has to be some kind of guideline or they could just schedule you to leave and then come back in an hour if they wanted.
There isn't a company wide policy on this anymore. There used to be, but I believe they did away with it in 09.

Now its based on state law.
My store says they're "supposed to" give 8 hrs in between but it's abused when convenient (often).
I did many a 'clopening' during my front end yrs with less that 8 hrs in between.
Come to find out that very few states actually have laws like that except for jobs that are involved with public safety.
Up till a few years ago most retail companies made it general policy not to schedule people like that just because they knew it was a bad thing to do.
People can't take too much of that drek and after a while start to break down.
Well, Wally world and scummers like them lead the charge and now pretty much everybody got rid of those rules.

On a completely unrelated note, I did find this interesting chart, which is the U.S Department of Labors list of every states laws on breaks and meal periods.
According to my store's leadership, consecutive shifts on different days (i.e. clopening) or including an overnight shift must have 8 hours between them. Not sure if it's my state or just my store. Two dayside shifts on the same day can have less than 8 hours between though, as long as they're at least 46 min apart.
I know TN did 8 hours between shifts. I was always had close/open shifts 2 or 3 times a week going into the new week.
My state wasn't on there. Guess that's why they call us the "state of denial".

At the bottom of the chart is information on states that are not all states should be covered.

BTW, there should be a posted 9x11 sheet on your shift board that explains break and lunch times. Don't know if there is anything on that about 8 hours between shifts.

In Ohio the only groups that can schedule you as they want are jobs classified as "seasonal".....usually meaning summer amusement parks or any business listed as agricultural.
Searching thru the net the answer is a cloudy answer.....The federal government doesn't have laws about hours between shifts. However, state rules and industry rules do vary. The stuff I saw mentions that some industries: hospitality, tourism, retail, agriculture don't have any specific laws. These jobs are highly driven by customer demand so you can possibly work two shifts in a row that are less than 8 hours apart.

There are some industries highly regulated on how many hours a person can work.....the airline industry and trucking companies are just a couple of examples.

So I guess that there really isn't any clear cut laws about time between shifts...and even if there were the retail industry doesn't seem to have to follow the same rules.
The reality is that yes, there are states that have laws similar to this to protect employees from burnout/injury, however the reality is that the only people in Target who are not allowed to work without 8 hours between shifts are people in DC's because if they do, they are required to give time and a half so that the DC employees don't Unionize.
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