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90 day probationary period

Jun 26, 2012
Hey guys, I'm on week 2 of my 90 day period, and I was wondering if declining their offer to cover for someone that called off would get me fired or not held past 90 days? I simply have no way of getting there on days where I'm not scheduled due to transportation difficulties. I told them I have no way of getting there and I'm worried it will adversely affect me. Does anyone have any experience with this? I never call off, and always stay late if they ask me too, but the only thing I can't do is come in on days when I'm not on the schedule.

I'm a cashier.



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Jun 28, 2012
Technically, that shouldn't affect you at all. As long as you're showing up on time for your scheduled shift, not leaving early, and performing well, you should be good. If you have leaders giving you any sort of grief for it, have a chat with HR, and let them know that you're not able to come in on short notice due to transportation issues. You'd hardly be the first, and it would be good to have that on record so that it doesn't look like you're just not a team player.

But, like I said, there should be no reason to worry.


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Jun 16, 2011
90 day probationary days.....means that a company (in this case, Target) can fire an employee without having to document any kind of reason for not hiring you. It has to do with the "at-will" employment law in most states.

I was at a company w/ the 90 day.....and on day #87 they told me that they didn't need me anymore....and that I didn't have to finish out my 90 days. I surprised them and came to work on day #88, #89, AND #90.