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Front of Store Attendant
Apr 19, 2012
Random and bored as I can't sleep.....well couldn't but now want to but fear of not waking up is making me stay awake at this point before my shift. Anybody else have some fun ring tones for when you get called on your day off? I'd be interested to hear some of them because I'm sure there are others like me out there and there are some classics. This is my Target tone:
That is an attention getter.

Yeah, that was the idea behind it. I the first couple times I freaked in a panic and wanted to bolt to the basement, now I just say: " we go again.." If a nuclear raid does come I'll probably mistake it for Target calling and get incinerated in the blast. lol
If they called me more than twice a year, it might warrant a special ringtone. I'd probably put either the Final Fantasy 7 battle music, or the Final Fantasy 7 boss theme. The FF7 Jenova boss theme would be reserved for mom if she called me a lot.
These are all hilarious, but the German Hell march had me rolling. Command and Conquer Red Alert, those were the days. This was a video game for the computer in the late 90's for those don't know, I'm not referring to the third Reich here. Used to play the hell out of it when I was a kid. Loved the psycho one too. Excellent choice.
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