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Oct 11, 2011
Well it has taken a lot of time (about two years, the entire time I have been employed at Target), but I will be hitting the 40 hour mark for vacation time real soon. And I can honestly say, I could use the vacation, but the question is, should I let it get up to two weeks to add up to 48 (because that is the average hours of what is on my paycheck for a two week period). A Two week vacation would really be nice! The only thing now is to figure out where to go for my vacation lol.

Is there a maximum time you can take for a vacation?

What is the total number of vacation hours you can accumulate before you have to start using them? can tell you too. You use up to 2 weeks of vacation at a time. If you do 3 weeks of vacation, 3rd week becomes loa. When you max out on vacation, hr will tell you that you to use it now or you won't get more vacation added to your ck till it used.
Read up on this a while back.
You can accumulate up to 160 hrs vay-cay before you start losing it. Personal holidays, 48 hrs. My hr didn't even know so I called. You can take up to 2 weeks, as HLM said but you can't exceed your weekly avg. You get paid for vay-cay when you leave spot but not PH so you might want to use those first (if you accumulate them).
I've used mine to fill out hrs during the post-Christmas schedule apocalypse.
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